1-Year-Old Girl Was Only 8 Pounds When She Died in Custody of Her Parents

Ten pounds is a normal weight for a newborn, but maybe not for a 1-year-old woman who died in Texas. The child seemed to be badly malnourished, had sores in her own body, dirt onto her skin, along with curved blisters in her lower back and buttocks, based on an affidavit obtained by KXAN.
The victim’s mum Sage Wright, 22, along with father Christian Bishop-Torrence, 24, were arrested Friday in the child’s death.
She had been shot there to this hospital in a private vehicle and declared dead. The investigation resulted in detectives becoming arrest warrants for her parents Friday.
Wright and Bishop-Torrence informed cops they discovered the woman losing weight as January, according to the affidavit acquired by KXAN. They allegedly didn’t find medical help. (Jail records reveal the offense date since January 15 for both parents)
Bishop-Torrence allegedly found the child gasping for air, breathing shallow and slow breaths, and creating a spin as she exhaled. He took her into the hospital in a friend’s car that was outside. Wright allegedly told investigators she didn’t bond with the child in addition to with her two other children.
A forensic examiner who examined the situation reportedly dismissed some probable causes of the weight loss.
“Even though a little possibility exists that a metabolic or genetic problem could lead to weight loss, normal newborn screens along with also the absence of family history would make this highly unlikely,” wrote Dr. Suzanne Dakil at this University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.
The parents have been held in the Wichita County Jail on Sunday in lieu of $500,000, documents show. They face a count of injury to your child, elderly, or handicapped individual. Reportedly citing indigency, they requested court-appointed attorneys.
[Mugshot via Wichita County Jail]
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