’19 Children and Counting’ Star and Conservative Activist Josh Duggar Has Been Arrested on Unspecified Federal Allegations

Josh Duggar, a former conservative activist and star of the television Series”19 Children and Counting,” was Detained by the U.S. Marshals Service in Arkansas on Thursday. That’s according to online records.
The 6’0? Tall, 33-year-old, 238-pound reality TV star was booked into the Washington County Jail in Fayetteville, Ark., at 1:14 p.m. Duggar is recorded in the documents just as being”on hold for other department.” The”other department” is recorded as the national government. No bond amount is recorded.
According to Fox News, national agents”helped” the local sheriff’s office with the apprehension for an undercover second national agency. Meanwhile, the Washington County Sheriff’s office said that the Duggar detain is”our case.” It is not unusual for federal offenders to be placed in local facilities out major authorities.
Details are scarce. There is presently no crime recorded on Duggar’s prison entrance. Duggar’s title did not appear on U.S. Bureau of Prison’s database by press time.
Duggar is scheduled to be arraigned at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, April 30, in U.S. Federal Court for the Western District of Arkansas, a local TV newsroom reported. No people national court docket bearing Duggar’s title was available as of Thursday evening in that district. No appropriate news release had been issued by the district United States Attorney’s Office.

Speculation online ran rampant as the mugshot for the onetime reality television star — and also ex-lobbyist for the anti-gay Family Research Council — rapidly spread across interpersonal networking networks.
In the spring of 2015, Duggar famously whined amid allegations that he molested four of his sisters and babysitter.
“Twelve decades back, as a young teenager, I behaved inexcusably for which I’m extremely sorry and deeply regret. I hurt others, such as my loved ones and intimate friends,” Duggar explained in a statement to People magazine in May 2015 which did not directly disclose to some specific acts of wrongdoing. “I admitted this to my parents, that required several actions to help me address the situation.”
At least five girls’ genitals and breasts were the subject of Duggar’s touching, frequently while they slept, USA Today reported that season. The newspaper attributed the accusation to police documents which contained statements by Josh Duggar’s father, Jim Bob Duggar, who subsequently said he was relating to the police what his sonJoshhe told him.
“We talked with the government where I acknowledged my wrongdoing, and my parents arranged for me and those influenced by my activities to get counseling,” Josh Duggar said at the time. “I knew that when I continued down this incorrect road that I would end up ruining my life.”
The incident was reported Jim Bob Duggar, who said he witnessed his son leaving a young girl’s bedroom late at night in 2006. Josh Duggar replied publicly after the first incident report was unearthed by In Touch Weekly. He was never charged with a crime in connection with the events.
Since that time, other legal problems swirled around Josh Duggar’s orbit.
In 2019, the auto dealership where Duggar worked was raided by federal agents, however, Homeland Security Investigations spokesperson Bryan Cox declined to comment whether Duggar himself was implicated in that investigation. No charges were filed in connection with that raid.
Duggar’s firm was launched in contempt of court in a real-estate dispute late last year.
It is unclear whether Thursday’s arrest is related to at least one of these episodes or whether it entails an entirely new accusation or accusations.
[image Using a Washington County, Arkansas jail mugshot]
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