Father, Stepmother Accused of Allergic 9-Year-Old Boy in Closet Ahead Murdering Him

Even a 9-year-old Idaho boy supposedly murdered by his father and stepmother spent his last night alive locked up in a closeta soldier testified during a probable cause hearing Wednesday.
“Can he pay his last night alive in the cupboard?” Prosecutor John Dinger asked the detective.
“He did,” said Meridian Police Detective Joseph Miller, in accordance with KTVB.
Initially, the stepmother Monique Desiree Osuna was prosecuted because the actual killer. Erik Emmanuel Osuna, ” the father, supposedly did nothing because his co-defendant essentially tortured youthful Emrik Osuna. The 9-year-old’s dad was charged with murder later on.
Authorities say Monique committed the alleged acts like some kind of perverse system of discipline. The other 3 children were spared abuse.
“She stated she believed it would teach him a lesson,” Miller said. “She said she had been harder on him. She said she lashed out at him, hitting him with a cane making him exercise while she workedand that he just took a break when she took a rest “
Monique Osuna reportedly confessed to forcing Emrik to perform pushups, jumping jacks, also inchworm exercises. In this account, she pushed him harder if he got tired. She supposedly began withholding meals five days before the boy’s death. Emrik weighed 44 pounds if he died.
She beat him with items including a leash, belt, and a skillet, authorities have alleged. She kicked him in the crotch, and compelled him to sleep in a hall cupboard without access to bed or even makeshift options like jackets. Chairs were placed against the doorway to prevent Emrik from escaping. Osuna allegedly asserted she left the boy sleep locked up because he threatened other kids and rummaged through the refrigerator at nighttime.
Emrik died September 1, 2020. Nobody called 911 if he originally became unresponsive. Friend Hannah Berry testified that Monique texted her at 5:00 p.m., saying that something was wrong with the 9-year-old. Berry, who also testified that Monique previously resisted a physician’s findings which Emrik was really”a nice kid,” said she arrived in the family’s apartment in 8:30 p.m..
Berry suggested the couple ought to put Pedialyte in the boy’s mouth by means of a syringe. They did. She then recommended that they could wake him up by standing him up. They did, but Emrik took a final breath and died.
“It was a deep breath, then it was just silent,” she said.
Ultimately, 911 was called.
Erik Osuna is accused of having Berry remove apartment nanny cams and set them to her car through the speaker-phone call for support. Throughout cross-examination, the father’s attorney, Edwina Elcox, asked why audio recordings did not pickup the alleged announcement and Berry agreed to take action. Berry said she’d believed the bundle of camera gear was marijuana or drug paraphernalia. She said Osuna was not loud.
According to jail and court records examined by Law&Crime, Erik Osuna is charged using post-traumatic murder, and felony injury to a young child, infliction of bodily harm, and destruction of evidence. His spouse is charged using first-degree murder.
[Mugshots via Ada County Sheriff’s Office]
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Pentagon Reverses Trump’s Ban of Transgender Individuals from Serving in the Army

The Department of Defense on Wednesday declared it was reversing a Donald Trump-era rule preventing transgender individuals from functioning in the U.S. army, issuing the new policy on International Transgender Day of Visibility.
“DoD and the Military Departments will institute policies to offer Service members a procedure where they could transition sex whilst serving,” the 22-page data manual stated. “These policies are predicated on the decision that offered support by transgender persons that are subject to the exact same high criteria and procedures along with other Service members concerning health care for duty, physical fitness, uniform and grooming standards, deployability, and retention is consistent with all army support and willingness.”
President Joe Biden had issued an executive order under a week after taking office in January, which rescinded the former government’s policy — quitting any further releases on the grounds of gender identity and ordering the army to fix records of people who were barred from service or involuntarily discharged. Per Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, the Pentagon then conducted a two-month review regarding how to best apply the policy.
Former President Trump at 2016 declared his decision to prohibit transgender servicemembers via his since-permanently frozen Twitter account.
“After consultation with all my Generals and military experts, please be advised the United States Government will not accept or permit Transgender people to function in any capacity at the U.S. Military,” he wrote. “Our army has to be centered on decisive and overwhelming success and cannot be burdened with all the tremendous medical expenses and disruption that transgender in the army would demand. Thank you.”
The announcement caught several of the top brass at the Pentagon off guard, especially given the all-encompassing scope of Trump’s proposed ban. Several suits ensued, but also the DoD at 2019 implemented less-sweeping constraints that required each of those operating in the army to function in the power of their”birth sex.”
Air Force Lt. Col. Bree Fram, the president of the transgender army advocacy team SPART*A, commended the recently released rules.
“We applaud this step to guarantee the Department of Defense provides inclusive policy to attract and keep the very best and brightest our nation has to offer,” Fram said in a statement to NPR. “Military personnel reach maximum effectiveness when they have access to all medically necessary care and we are excited that this policy extends that accessibility to transgender staff members. Additionally, opening recruiting to transgender people ensures a very talented and motivated pool of people who this nation desires have the chance to serve in uniform.”
Read the brand new Pentagon policy below.

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Letecia Stauch’s Letter to Judge: the Doctor Who Examined Me Was’Clearly a Lady’ and Friends Together with District Attorney

Letecia Stauch

Murder suspect Letecia Stauch wrote in a letter to the estimate dated February 21 she had emotional illness, her defense lawyers were in”cahoots” with the prosecution, so a doctor who examined her was”clearly an actress,” and two guys were involved in the death of prey Gannon Stauch, 11.
“I asked them to use the info out of a non-biased doctor (who worked with me more than two hours) but rather they delivered a lady who was certainly an actress and buddies with the D.A.,” she wrote at the recently reported letter. “She talked about him at an unprofessional manner, their history, along with his election. Now I am sure this was true but I thought she worked for the courtroom, not just one particular side. My attorneys did so to make me resemble a perjurious person”
She allegedly claimed he didn’t return from visiting a friend’s house, but she changed her story multiple times, and didn’t give important data, like the names of these friends he was likely to be playing with or of the parents. Investigators claimed to find evidence of blood spatter on the walls of Gannon’s bedroom, blood spots on the boy’s bed, blood flow the carpet, along with blood staining the concrete beneath his bed.
Stauch denies wrongdoing.
“Really I’m naive but I won’t place myself or others in danger running the shield contrary to my biological son when the system is allowing two guys operate free who are involved,” she wrote on February 21. She acknowledged having”bouts of insanity, and do,” but she didn’t murder of abuse anybody.
She claimed the country was prosecuting her to save face, also claimed she was threatened in the toilet away from cameras to confess.
“They have far too much invested in this incarceration to acknowledge they were/are wrong,” she wrote. “For these reasons and since my defense team is in cahoots together, I’m left with no other choice except to reflect myself.”
Stauch noted early in her letter she was diagnosed with some thing in 2016, but the condition was redacted. A former educator, she said a school district allow her step because of”continuing reality breaks.”
From February 21, two separate evaluations found Stauch qualified for trial. She’d wind up her getting her way, and the judge let her to represent herself at trial.

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Highest Criminal Court in Texas to Review Crystal Mason’s Conviction in Illegal Voting Case

Tarrant County resident Crystal Mason

The highest criminal court in Texas on Wednesday announced it has agreed to hear an appeal in the case of Crystal Mason, the Texas lady who was sentenced to five years in prison to get casting a illegal provisional ballot that was not counted at the November 2016 election.
“This has been a very long journey, however I never gave up faith,” Mason said in an announcement Wednesday. “I’m hopeful that the judges will probably know any Texan, like me, who at most unknowingly makes an innocent error, should not be punished for this.”
Mason, who was on supervised release for felony tax fraud, even attempted to cast her vote in the Baptist Tabernacle Church at Tarrant County, a polling site where she had searched multiple occasions before her incarceration. She gave her ID into the poll worker, but was told that her name was not on the voter registration roster. At the recommendation of the survey worker, Mason filled out a provisional ballot.
She was oblivious, however, that Texas law forbids convicted felons from voting until they have”completely discharged their sentence, including any period of incarceration, parole, or supervision”
Following a 2018 chair trial that lasted only one day, a state court judge convicted Mason of this second-degree Legislation crime of voting illegally. The trial primarily focused on the fine print that seemed on the back of the ballot which Mason signed. The passage read:”I am a resident of the political subdivision, have not been finally convicted of a felony or when a felon, I’ve completed all of my punishment like any period of incarceration, parole, supervision, period of probation, or I have been pardoned.”
Mason testified that she did not entirely read the provisional ballot ahead of her probation officer testified he had never assessed the voter limitation conditions with her until her supervised release began.
That sentence has been upheld last year by an appeals court, leaving the all-Republican slate of judges about the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals since Mason’s last hotel.
As stated by the Texas Tribune, the courtroom”suggested it won’t hear oral arguments” at Mason’s situation and will instead base its choice on legal briefs filed by the two parties.
In the months since, several GOP-led state legislatures have passed on what they call voting ethics laws restricting access to unemployment or criminalizing such activity as providing water for people waiting in line in the polls.
The decision to prosecute Mason was unusual given the variety of individuals of the area who exhibited the exact same behaviour. According to The Guardian, because 2014, at 12,668 individuals in Tarrant County have complied with a provisional ballot; 88 percent of these ballots were rejected because the voter was simply not qualified. Mason was the”only voter who had employed a provisional ballot who was prosecuted for illegal voting,” each report.
“Crystal never set out for a voting rights advocate. The simple fact that she has found herself at the center of an extremely messy and very political struggle within the voting rights of Texans is a sad reality, but her strength, courage, and dedication to her faith and her area was a source of inspiration to so a lot of people,” explained Alison Grinter, Mason’s criminal defense lawyer. “I am overjoyed that our struggle for Crystal and for the rights of Texans will last to our highest court.”
Mason pleaded guilty to the underlying tax fraud matter which resulted in her conviction.
[picture via YouTube screengrab]
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Manhattan DA Hits Trump Org’s’Financial Gatekeeper’ Together with Subpoena as Part of Investigation’Trump Should Be Most Concerned About’

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance is reportedly in the process of trying to flip Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg to be able to potentially develop against situation the president Donald Trump and his household enterprise.
As stated by the New York Times, citing anonymous sources said to possess”knowledge of this thing” Vance’s office will be engaged in”a determined attempt to gain [Weisselberg’s] cooperation” by”questioning gifts family and he received” from Trump. The CFO, however, isn’t considered to be an actual target of this investigation.
CNN legal advisor and attorney Elie Honig told Law&Crime that the Manhattan DA’s office”should be” trying to flip Weisselberg.
“This is a fiscal case and he is the fiscal gatekeeper,” he explained.
On February 27, 2019, Trump’s former friend, attorney and fixer Michael Cohen appeared before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform and also implicated his onetime manager in what legal experts have told Lawand Crime is a textbook wire fraud scheme.
“To your knowledge, did the president provide inflated assets to an insurance company?” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) requested Cohen, who replied in the affirmative.
“Who else knows that the president did this?” She pressed.
“Allen Weisselberg, Ron Lieberman and Matthew Calamari,” he replied, clarifying that investigators could”find” proof of resources that are inflated and fictitious tax returns at the Trump Organization.
Cohen has since sat for many interviews with Vance’s office and is fully cooperating with the investigation that began as an inquiry to money paid to mature actress Stormy Daniels in late 2016. Researchers believe the Trump Organization was likely integral in hiding the cash trail in that instance.
Cohen threw Weisselberg under the bus over that scandal years back but the supposedly inflated assets and incorrect tax yields are of major attraction to New York City prosecutors who’ve telegraphed that they may have the ability to implicate the former president of the United States himself by way of an exacting look at the family enterprise.
And investigators have looked exactly there–going so far as to subpoena Weisselberg’s personal bank documents and also to question his own relatives’ closeness with Trump.

Ms. Weisselberg has been enmeshed in a bitter divorce with Mr. Weisselberg’s son, Barry, that oversees the Trump Wollman Rink at Central Park.
Ms. Weisselberg explained in an interview that prosecutors have asked her about several presents that Mr. Trump and his firm handed the Weisselberg household through the years. These include an apartment on Central Park South for Ms. Weisselberg and her former spouse, cars leased for many family members and private college tuition.
“This investigation appears to be proceeding apace,” Tulane Law adjunct Professor Ross Garber told Law&Crime within an email. “It’s the legal front Trump should be most concerned about. Given his role, Weisselberg is a key participant. It is not surprising that the DA’s office is examining all angles .”
The investigation is thought to target allegedly false valuations of varied Trump-owned properties that have tax, insurance and banking consequences.
“The important point to note about the wire fraud and the bank fraud statutes is they’re extremely wide and you don’t really have to have succeeded in committing the fraud you were hoping to commence,” criminal defense attorney Tor Ekeland formerly told Law&Crime to describe the possible jeopardy for Trump and his firm here. “The moment you’re communication in commerce-with a phone or email, the wires-they’ve got you”
[image via Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Pictures ]
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Father, Stepmother Accused of Allergic 9-Year-Old Boy in Closet Before Murdering Him

Erik Osuna, Monique Osuna

Even a 9-year-old Idaho boy supposedly murdered by his father and stepmother spent his last night alive locked up in a closet, a detective testified during a probable cause hearing Wednesday.
“Did he spend his last night alive in the cupboard?” Prosecutor John Dinger requested the detective.

At first, the stepmother Monique Desiree Osuna has been prosecuted because the true killer. Father Erik Emmanuel Osuna supposedly did nothing like his co-defendant essentially tortured youthful Emrik Osuna. The 9-year-old’s dad was charged with murder later on.
Police say Monique committed the alleged acts as some kind of perverse system of discipline. The other three children were spared abuse.
“She said she thought it would teach him a lesson,” Miller explained. “She explained she was more difficult . She explained she lashed out at him, hitting him with a cane and also making him exercise while she labored , and that he just took a break when she took a rest .”
Monique Osuna reportedly confessed to forcing Emrik to perform pushups, skipping coats, and inchworm exercises. In this report, she pushed him harder if he got tired. She supposedly started withholding food five days before the boy’s departure. Emrik weighed 44 pounds if he passed away.
She beat him items including a belt, leash, and for weeks, a frying pan, police have alleged. She kicked him in the crotch, and forced him to sleep in a hallway cupboard without access to bed or perhaps makeshift options like jackets. Chairs were placed against the door to stop Emrik from penetrating. Osuna reportedly asserted she left the sleeping locked up because he threatened other kids and rummaged through the refrigerator at night.
Emrik died September 1, 2020. No one called 911 if he initially became unresponsive. Friend Hannah Berry testified that Monique texted her 5:00 p.m., saying that something has been wrong with all the 9-year-old. Berry, who also testified that Monique previously rejected a physician’s findings that Emrik was actually”a nice kid,” said she came in the family’s apartment in 8:30 p.m..
Berry suggested the couple ought to put Pedialyte from the boy’s mouth using a syringe. They did. She suggested that they could wake him up by standing him up. They did, however, Emrik took a final breath and died.
“It was a deep breath, and then it was only quiet,” she explained.
Ultimately, 911 has been called.
Erik Osuna is accused of getting Berry eliminate apartment nanny cams and place them into her car through the speaker-phone call for help. During cross-examination, the father’s attorney, Edwina Elcox, asked why sound recordings didn’t pickup the alleged announcement and why Berry agreed to take action. Berry said she’d thought the bundle of camera gear was marijuana or drug paraphernalia. She explained Osuna wasn’t loud.
According to court and prison documents examined by Law&Crime, Erik Osuna is billed using first-degree murder, and felony injury to a child, infliction of great bodily harm, and destruction of evidence. His wife is billed with all first-degree murder.
[Mugshots via Ada County Sheriff’s Office]
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Minister Sues Speaker Pelosi and Also Vice President Harris for Right to Hold Good Friday Prayer Vigil on Capitol Grounds

Rev. Patrick Mahoney

A Presbyterian minister hoping to cure”the divisiveness and anxiety” due to the Jan. 6 riots in the U.S. Capitol is using an intriguing strategy to that conclusion, filing a federal lawsuit against two of the greatest ranking Democrats in Washington.
In a complaint filed in the U.S. District Court in D.C., Reverend Patrick Mahoney accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Vice President Kamala Harris, Senate Sergeant at Arms Karen Gibson, and the U.S. Capitol Police Board of separating his First and Fifth Amendment rights by denying him a license to sponsor a prayer vigil in the Capitol on Great Friday.
The outside of the complex was surrounded by a newly erected safety fence after tens of thousands of Donald Trump’s supporters marched to the complex to stop Congress from counting the Electoral College votes that went into Joe Biden. Permits for public demonstrations on the Lower Western Terrace of the Capitol Building, in which Mahoney held a similar event last year, also have been temporarily stopped pending the results of several ongoing internal investigations.
The filed complaint argued that the prohibition of public gatherings on the Lower Western Terrace is a breach of Mahoney’s inherent right to free speech, free association, free practice of religion, as well as due procedure.
“Plaintiff’s address was unconstitutionally deemed unworthy by the Defendants,” the suit said. “Defendants’ blanket denial of these allowing processes on a traditional public forum is also impermissible since they act as a prior restraint on speech. In closing the sidewalks and public areas around the Capitol, such as the Lower Western Terrace Plaintiff attempts to use, Defendants have effectively created a no-speech zone around the nation’s Capitol. Defendants avert any First Amendment actions on/in those areas, though no specific danger to the Capitol was identified in justification. Defendants further refuse to inform the Plaintiff of if public sidewalks surrounding these hallways of power may once more be used for public speech.”
The doctrine of prior restraint — which will be a content-based restriction on future speech which might not be constitutionally protected — will not seem to be applicable to Mahoney’s maintains; he doesn’t allege the government is preventing him from any particular speech, only not permitting any speech to occur in a specific place that is presently restricted in the general populace.
Additionally, despite admitting that there’s presently a”blanket” ban on gatherings of any sort in his preferred vigil website — and conceding he had been offered an alternate website for his vigil”over the Western side of the Capitol by a large jury [sic] of Ulysses S. Grant” — Mahoney claimed he was targeted due to his spiritual beliefs.
“Defendants’ policies and acts are neither neutral nor of general application,” the suit stated. “Defendants’ limitations have specifically and specifically targeted Plaintiff’s spiritual and’faith based’ service and are thus not neutral in their face. Defendants have prohibited Plaintiff’s spiritual gathering while exempting a laundry list of other tasks that happen in the Capitol, such as societal events, non-religious public gatherings, and assorted political and other occasions.”
Mahoney is represented in the matter by the Middle for American Liberty, also a conservative non-profit group conducted by Harmeet K. Dhillon. Dhillon was a legal advisor to the 2020 Trump effort who formerly called for Justice Amy Coney Barrett into”come through” and make Trump the winner of the presidential elections.
Read the full litigation below:
[picture via YouTube screengrab]
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Florida Law Firm Torches’False and Defamatory’ Allegations Matt Gaetz Made on Tucker Carlson’s Show

The Florida law firm that employs an lawyer who had been targeted by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R) to a recent Fox News broadcast published a statement Wednesday afternoon rubbishing Gaetz’s complaint of the lawyer as”false and defamatory.”
Gaetz alleged that he had been the victim of an”organized criminal extortion plot” at a collection of Tuesday tweets and at another Tuesday day look on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight. Both the tweets and the look followed bombshell New York Times along with Axios reports that indicated Gaetz was investigated from the U.S. Department of Justice to ascertain whether the Florida representative compensated a 17-year-old girl to travel with him while he had been engaged in a sexual relationship with the teen. The DOJ probe searched to ascertain whether Gaetz engaged in sexual trafficking crimes, the Times explained. Gaetz denied any wrongdoing and flipped the script to state that he had been targeted by several people who had been attempting to shake his family down for cash. Gaetz explicitly named former federal prosecutor and present personal lawyer David L. McGee of the Pensacola law firm Beggs & Lane as being a part of the alleged scheme .
Beggs & Lane begged to differ with Gaetz’s characterization of exactly what was occurring.
Congressman Matt Gaetz created an allegation on The Tucker Carlson series last night that David L. McGee, a partner from the firm of Beggs & Lane, had tried to extort cash from Gaetz along with his household in exchange for McGee making the analysis against Congressman Gaetz”go off .” The allegation from the Congressman is equally false and defamatory. Throughout his tenure with the Department of Justice his reputation for integrity and ethical behavior was impeccable. It has stayed impeccable during his 25 year tenure with this particular firm. While he had been using the DOJ he would never have entertained a plot such as what Congressman Gaetz indicates nor will he now. Unsubstantiated allegations do not change that truth.
He had been admitted to practice law in the Sunshine State at Nov. 1976 and is still a part of the Bar’s criminal law, health law, and trial attorneys sections. McGee’s online biography states that he”served six years as the First Assistant at the United States Attorney’s Office and also for seven years as the Lead Attorney for a United States Department of Justice Organized Crime Task Force.”
“He has extensive expertise in complex litigation both in the criminal and civil scene and in courts across the USA,” McGee’s bio continues. “His litigation experience includes complicated healthcare billing cases, large building projects, environmental authorities, taxation cases and countless securities instances.” He is recorded as holding licenses to practice in several Florida state and federal courts, at an Alabama federal court, and before three national courts.
This Collection of tweets preceded Gaetz’s appearance on Tucker Carlson’s broadcast:
“I really do believe that there are individuals at the Department of Justice who are trying to smear me,” Gaetz said after Tuesday about Fox News. “Providing for flights and hotel rooms for all individuals that you are dating who are of legal age isn’t a crime.”
Carlson asked if it was accurate that Gaetz had a connection with a 17-year-old girl.
“Who’s this girl?” Carlson asked. “What are they talking about?”
“The person does not exist.
Earlier in the interview, Carlson confessed few facts were understood; he even teed up the conversation using an open-ended prompt which allowed Gaetz to reply as he delighted.
“That is obviously a serious allegation; inform us the facts from your standpoint,” Carlson asked Gaetz.
Gaetz launched to a …

Grieving Husband Recounts How Wife and Mother of 6 Was Fatally Shot in Devastating Road Rage Incident:’I Asked if She Was Hit. She Said, Yes.’

Ryan Eberly

A grieving Pennsylvania guy who watched his wife fatally shot at a road rage incident last Thursday informs his side of this story.
“There’s a good deal of numbness. There’s a lot of emotion. She just loved being around her family and friends and sharing with our blessings,” Ryan Eberly, 40, told WGAL of losing his wife Julie Eberly, 47.
He said that they were out with Interstate 95 at Robeson County, North Carolina. Eberly said he switched lanes as a vehicle was coming up from behind him.
“I did not see he was going about me,” he explained. “I pushed him to the shoulder wrongly. The moment I managed, I gave him space to get back to the street. No auto contact”

That’s when the shooting happened.
“I saw in my mirror he was passing us to the appropriate,” he explained. “Gunshots have been fired, and our car was hit. My wife cried my name, and that I inquired if she was hit. She stated , yes.”
Julie, a mother of two children, died at the hospital.
Ryan said he would do everything in his power to make sure Julie gets justice.
Now police are searching for the suspect. They said the shooting happened in the area of Exit 22 on I-95 South on Thursday at about 11:40 a.m.
They described the defendant as a Black guy with dreadlocks.

Authorities cited witnesses who stated the defendant sped off and left at Exit 22, crossing the bridge coming to the city of Lumberton.
“Anyone who has a company or resides at the areas of N. Elm Street, 16th Avenue, E. 5th Street, Alamac Rd. and South of Lumberton is asked to review their surveillance system to your car in the picture,” deputies composed. “Investigators are looking for footage throughout the time period of 11:40 am to 12:30 pm March 25, 2021.”
The investigation is continuing.
The Eberlys was on vacation.
“We are likely to aggressively monitor the driver of this vehicle,” Robeson County Sheriff Burnis Wilkins explained. “Detectives have worked non stop 24/7 to identify that coward. If you know who it is and who owns this vehicle, come forward NOW. Do not become part of a conspiracy and then phone us NOW.”
A GoFundMe account was launched in Julie Eberly’s memorycard. Wilkins has said the family declined to begin one at the first place, but did so after he asked them to reconsider. “Hundreds upon hundreds” of people had been contacting the workplace, asking where to send cash.
“We want to raise funds to honor Julie and her own life,” the effort stated. “Julie was a gorgeous, loving, generous, and giving person. We will be using the funds to assist others and to give to the organizations that were close to her heart. We are grateful for the outpouring of prayers and love from your Lumberton and Manheim/Lancaster Communities. May Julie’s death be in vain and will her memory live on from the giving in her name”
The GoFundMe increased $61,999 as of Wednesday afternoon.

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‘I Got No Heartbeart’: Dramatic Video Shows Officers Saving Man Trapped at Crashed, Burning SUV

Video released Monday reveals two Phoenix police officers saving a person from a burning, crashed SUV. The situation seemed dire.
“I have no heartbeat,” one of the cops said after yanking the unresponsive driver from the vehicle.
Body animation footage began with police hurrying the scene, which had been the front lawn of a neighborhood home. The flames were centered upon the hood and front windshield of the SUV, that had allegedly struck a tree. One of the police officers-later recognized as Joel Kaminsky-attempted to crush the closed, driver’s side window with a hand-held item, but to no avail. His partner, Rudy Castillo, called out to a few of those inhabitants of the nearby home.
The officer hurried back holding a fire extinguisher, which he used to crush the driver’s side window and then unlock the door.
Footage cuts into the sidewalk, where police examined the downed driver.
“I have no heartbeat,” Kaminsky said. “I’m performing chest compressions.” He called out into the unresponsive driver. “Come on, buddy. You have this. Come back.”
The driver did come back.
“Yes!” said the officer. “Come on. You have this. Come on. Let us go. You got this. Come back.”

“It’s a’first responder’ for that reason, and also we were there,” a grinning Kaminsky told 12 News. “We were able to succeed and that’s very rewarding.”
“Only to give back something into the community, and it is a great sense,” Castillo said.
[Screengrab through Phoenix Police Department]
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