A Man Who Was Just Convicted of Murdering a Navy Recruit Has Been Indicted in the Cold Case Murder of Another Woman

Less than two weeks into his life sentence for murdering a Navy recruit decades ago, a Florida man has been indicted in another cold case.
Thomas Garner, 61, had barely started his prison sentence for the 1984 murder of 25-year-old Navy amuse Pamela Cahanes before prosecutors alleged that it really isn’t the very first time that he stole a woman’s life. He had been trying to find second-degree murder in the 1982 death of Kathy Warnette Hicks, that had been likewise 25, Honolulu police said on Monday according to WFTV.
Garner has been on the radar Hawaii’s law enforcement to get at least a few months. His DNA was entered in the Combined DNA Index System. Authorities in Honolulu, Hawaii promised in April that they got a preliminary game in the death of Hicks, a Delta Airline worker who was murdered on Sept. 19, 1982.
Coworkers allegedly claimed she went with a man named”Tommy,” taking the elevator from the 24th floor to the lobby and moving toward the pool area.
Joggers reportedly found Hicks’ body at about 10 a.m. on Sept. 19, dropped along Nuuanu Pali Drive. She had been strangled to death. Investigators claimed to locate DNA, that is currently being utilized to spot Garner as the alleged killer. A part of the Navy, that he had been reportedly stationed in Hawaii from April 1980 to October 1982.
At a previous statement about the murder of Hicks, Honolulu police said:
Kathy Hicks, a 25-year-old female, was discovered on a grassy slope along Nuuanu Pali Drive. She had been visiting from Georgia to get a company softball tournament. Reports indicate she had been assaulted and strangled to death. Witnesses supplied sketches of a male she had been seen with. The male was described as having an African American mixed ethnicity, standing 5’11” to 6? Tall, weighing approximately 150 to 160 lbs., clean cut with black hair, and brown eyes.
Suspect sketches of man allegedly last seen with Kathy Hicks.
Regardless of the result of this new criminal case, this defendant is set to devote the rest of his life . Garner was sentenced on May 6 in the murder of Cahanes in Seminole County, Florida, in a case with some notable parallels with the Hawaii murder. He strangled and beat Cahanes into departure, leaving her entire body outside an abandoned house, prosecutors said. DNA from underneath Pamela’s fingernails and out of her panties eventually resulted in Garner’s arrest in 2019, authorities said.
“Pamela Cahanes enlisted in the Navy to struggle for her county. Instead she had to battle Thomas Garner for at least 8 minutes, just to lose her entire life,” said Assistant State Attorney Anna Valentini in a statement. “We are grateful we could win this fight for Pamela and her loved ones. I hope they can rest easier knowing that tomorrowand every day after, Thomas Garner will awaken in a prison cell knowing exactly why he’s there.”
Much like Cahanes, Garner was attending the Orlando Naval Training Center at the Moment. If asked at trial about having any sexual relationship at the time, he implied that he would not have remembered her, even when he had a casual relationship with her.
“To be perfectly honest with you, ” I had been fairly promiscuous at that particular time, due to the atmosphere and the surroundings that was on that particular foundation at that particular time,” he said, according to Fox 35 Orlando.
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