Accused Proud Boy Member and Capitol Rioter Seeks Venue Change Because D.C. Jurors’Voted Almost Unanimously Against Donald Trump’

Christopher Worrell is seen sporting a tactical vest having a attached an individual camera and can of what’s thought to be pepper spray gel in the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. (Image via federal court records.)
An accused Capitol rioter and member of the far-right Proud Boys militia group on Tuesday asked a judge to move his trial out Washington, D.C., asserting”detrimental” media coverage of the insurrection and”community prejudice” inside the country’s capital would unconstitutionally prevent him from getting a fair trial.
Lawyers for Christopher Worrell argued that their client ought to be attempted in the Southern District of Florida because prospective jurors at liberal-heavy D.C. are therefore likely to have been affected by pretrial publicity surrounding his arrest”the venire has to be presumed as tainted.” The movement also asserts that Worrell’s apparently pro-Donald Trump stance will lead to prejudice by any decision-making of his peers.
“A trial at Washington D.C. to Mr. Worrell would be by jurors who voted nearly unanimously against Donald Trump, who have been barraged with propaganda on a’white nationalist’ assault, who are told they were victims of an’insurrection,’ who were put under curfew and secured down as a consequence, and who have been put under apparently endless military hold due to danger posed by’National Geographic Extremists,'” the motion stated. “The inevitable community prejudice, and particularized prejudice against Mr. Worrell, render the venire so heavily prejudiced against him Mr. Worrell can’t get a fair and unbiased trial at Washington D.C.”
Worrell, who was charged in March with a litany of federal crimes such as”carry[ing] a deadly and dangerous weapon” on restricted grounds, resides and was arrested in Florida. His movement also noted that possible witnesses for his defense also live in Florida.
The longshot attempt to procure a jury by a more Trump-friendly community swimming pool is reminiscent of the accused Capitol rioter, Jenny Cudd. Cudd, who was filmed thankfully admitting to being inside the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in March hunted to have her trial moved into Texas by painting D.C. as a hotbed for liberalism and”cancel civilization .”
Worrell’s legal group also took shots at Democratic politicians and President Joe Biden because of their roles in supposedly coordinating aa discriminatory narrative regarding the events of Jan. 6.
“It seems that each and every regional D.C. politician, along with every national politician functioning in D.C., has chimed in with this instance. More fuel was added into the flame as Democrats, the party that mirrors the beliefs of 95% of the D.C. jury pool, began talking about the people involved in the Capitol incident as’white supremacists’ and’insurrectionists’ — during a period of political divide in the United States,” the motion stated. “President Biden created a recent speech on racial tensions in the U.S. where he called the Capitol arrestees because’a group of thugs, insurrectionists, political extremists, and white supremacists.’ The Biden administration warned that these folks were’ideologically-motivated violent extremists with objections to the exercise of governmental authority along with the presidential transition, in addition to other perceived grievances fueled by fictitious narratives.'”
Read the full movement below.
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