An 18-Year-Old plus Also a Juvenile Face Attempted Murder Charges After Allergic Fight Dollar Store Parking Spot in Myrtle Beach

Spencer Evan Golden

Two people suspected of following a victim and shooting his car after a struggle on Saturday within a parking spot out a Dollar General Store in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, were arrested for attempted murder.
“The victim told officers he got into a verbal discussion with all the suspects in the store and one suspect told him that he had guns and that he would take him,” WPDE/ABC15 News reported Monday. “The second suspect was in the passenger seat of the automobile.”
Among the suspects has been identified as 18-year-old Evan Spencer Golden (pictured above) of Small River. Another suspect hasn’t yet been named and is now a juvenile.
The struggle was reportedly over a dollar store parking spot, WPDE explained.
The victim told police that the suspects followed on the street after the argument ended. At one stage, the suspect in the passenger chair supposedly pulled out a gun and shot the victim’s car, hitting on the back tailgate.
The suspects then fled the scene, but officers were able to stop and detain themthe report stated. Guns and a shotgun shell were reportedly found in the vehicle.
Golden was booked on Saturday day and was published on Monday morning by the J. Rueben Long Detention Center on a $45,000 bond, records viewed by Lawand Crime show. Records show he faces attempted murder, malicious injury to private property, and ownership of a weapon during a violent offense.

It is unclear who was driving who supposedly shot the victim’s automobile. The Horry County Sheriff’s Office did not immediately return Law&Crime’s petition for extra information or comment.

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