Armed Murder Suspect Allegedly Forced a Woman to Push for 33 Hours. Her Father Says She disturbs Him .

Oen Evan Nicholson

Police say a murder defendant forced a girl to drive all of the way from Oregon to Wisconsin. The abductee had managed to talk him into surrendering, said her dad.
Officers announced the arrest of Oen Evan Nicholson, 30, on Sunday, bringing an end to an investigation that involved multiple crime scenes.
Nicholson was wanted for allegedly murdering his dad Charles Simms Nicholson, leaving the entire body at the older guy’s trailer in North Bend, Oregon. Authorities said he fatally shot Jennifer L. Davidson, 47, at the Herbal Choices Marijuana Dispensary, and utilized that a pickup truck to run past a few at a playground, murdering Anthony Oyster, 74, and severely injuring survivor Linda Oyster, 73. 911 calls concerning the dispensary shooting and campground attack came in Friday morning, said Coos County District Attorney Paul Frasier at a press conference.
The suspect car, a 2019 Dodge pickup truck, dropped and has been set on fire, as stated by the D.A.. The man got out of the vehicle, appeared to be more armed with a handgun, and pitched to the bush, a note said according to authorities.
Meanwhile, Springfield police were on the lookout for Laura Johnson, who went missing on Friday.
Johnson was out to get a lunch break from work, officers said. According to cops, it was that Nicholson got to her when she returned to the parking lot. He forced her to drive north, going all of the way to Milwaukee, Wisconsin”where he was arrested without incident.”
Officers didn’t detail the circumstances of this arrest, but Johnson’s dad said Laura talked Nicholson in to giving up.
“He approached her in her automobile using a gun,” Dennis Johnson informed Oregon ABC-affiliate KEZI. “They said she was made to induce 33 hours to where they are at. She managed to talk him into turning himself “
Linda Oyster remains in critical condition, Fraiser said from the press conference on Sunday.
Defendant Nicholson is charged with six mounts of murder due to the manner in which the law is composed in Oregon, said Fraiser. There were three deaths. He also faces one count of attempted murder at the second-degree, 1 count of first-degree attack, and two counts of failure to perform duties of driver to injured persons.

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