Arresting Officer, Two Others Resign After Lawsuit Says They Celebrated Violent Arrest of 73-Year-Old Woman with Dementia

Three police officials resigned after the town of Loveland, Colorado were sued on the demanding arrest of 73-year-old Karen Garner, who also a litigation says has esophageal disorder. The now-former officers include Austin Hopp, that was the arresting officer during the June 26, 2020 episode; Daria Jalali, that was the next on the scene; and community service officer Tyler Blackett, who’s being sued for allegedly dismissing the plaintiff’s injuries.
Documents, video footage as well as other documents generated and compiled in connection with the Karen Garner arrest and its aftermath is going to be considered by researchers from the District Attorney and Fort Collins Police Services, selected through mutual agreement to lead the evaluation.”
According to the suit, Garner forgot to pay $13.88 for goods at Walmart because of her condition. Employees ceased her at the entrance. They refused to let her pay.
As seen on video, Hopp faced Garner on the face of the street.
“Are you done?” He said. “Are you done? We don’t play with this game. You understand me? If you try to kick me, oh, this is going to be bad.”
The lawsuit said he fractured and dislocated her shoulder.
A male bystander was disturbed that he predicted Hopp, but the officer ignored his concerns.
“See, you don’t know the whole situation,” said Hopp. “That’s the thing”
Police channel surveillance footage, which was released following the body camera footage, revealed Hopp, Jalali, along with an officer identified within an undisclosed complaint since Blackett bantering concerning the arrest, and fist-bumping concerning it, and observing body camera footage in enjoyment. Hopp repeatedly pointed out there was a”pop”
“Can you hear the pop?” He said. “When I’d her pressed against the car once you first got there? I was just like,’Alright, you are gonna playwith,’ and that I was pushing, pushing, pushing, and that I hear’popup,’ I was just like’Oh, no more.'”
Hopp appeared somewhat more serious whilst expressing concern that Garner was”senile.” Even during the arrest, he chased the struggle of wrestling with Garner, stating she weighed”just like 20 pounds.”
Blackett and Sgt. Antolina Hill were added into an amended complaint on Sunday. Citing surveillance footage, the plaintiff’s legal group says the officers know Garner’s injuries but did not summon help. Supervising officer Sgt. Philip Metzler was appointed in the first lawsuit; he was accused of helping cover up what happened and helping deny Garner access to medical care.
Update – 7:20 p.m.: Garner family lawyer Sarah Schielke explained in a statement obtained by Law&Crime it was”long overdue” for its 3 officers to become jobless, but expressed concern about Metzler still being part of this department, and Hill staying on duty.
The family recognized a speech by Chief Robert Ticer.
“Now we listened to Chief Ticer provide a language singularly endeavoring to protect just himself and the standing of this LPD,” he said. “He dodged questions about our loved ones. He made no mention to Karen personally. He said our mum’s situation has’hurt him personally.’ It is apparent that the one thing which has’hurt him personally’ has been the attention this case has brought to his department. Maybe not what happened to your own mother. We’re
[Screengrab via Loveland Police Department]
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