Atlanta TV News Crew Spots Escaped Murder Suspect and Records Arrest

A screen grab taken from a WSB-TV newscast reveals J’ssan Carlos Strover’s arrest.
Two television journalists at Georgia caught a suspected murderer through a statewide manhunt. J’ssan Carlos Strover, 20, escaped custody while handcuffed, shackled, and so forth. Adding further bold to his first accomplishment, Strover has been led throughout the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, among the busiest transportation hubs in each one the USA. According to police, Strover deftly pushed his way past two Arizona sheriff’s deputies following his leg restraints were removed as a way to walk him downstairs into the airport’s rental car center.
“At the time, you will find two Maricopa County deputies with him. In the point that they jumped outthey removed the leg restraints to escort him down the steps, and at the point he pushed past them,” Fulton County Sheriff Patrick Labat told reporters Thursday. “He really pushed past the Maricopa County deputies, and this guy went down a pair of stepsacross this street into the wood line.”
Sergeant Monica Bretado using the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office told the extradition officers were taking Strover back to Arizona to a murder warrant out of Phoenix after he escaped near a tram and then disappeared into a nearby wooded area.
The call for his capture quickly went out Throughout the ether:
The news of Strover’s escape and desired state made its approach to people who make a living to the air waves.
Atlanta ABC affiliate WSB-TV reporter Matt Johnson and photojournalist Joe Booker were setting up their Thursday night narrative when Strover ran past their dwell truck.
The cops were subsequently called. The news team listed the arrest.
“We were driving, we found somebody run in front of usgo into the forests,” Johnson said in a follow up report. “We needed to both look at ourselves and say’did this just happen?’ We just didn’t think there was an opportunity, 14 hours later, that this suspect was in the region, but that’s just what the situation was. We made a fast U-turn, we chased down the nearest police officer, so let him know the situation. He ran across the street, got the suspect to surrender.”
Body camera movie caught what occurred in the officer’s perspective:
Strover is said to have murdered 32-year-old Walter Wood in late February. The dead man’s family told that the native Fox affiliate in Phoenix they were”frustrated and mad” over the day-long escape.
Sheriff Paul Penzone is working with officials at Fulton County, Georgia, and will begin”an internal inspection of this process and incident to ascertain factors contributing to the escape”
J’ssan Carlos Strover is found within a Atlanta Police Department mugshot.
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