Auction House Implicated in Huge Wine Fraud Caught Selling Counterfeit Rare Bourbon

It’s no secret that deceptive wine is a real concern for aficionados on the planet of vino. Fake bourbon is not new , but it’s normally come from small yard operations and fakes being sold in shady Facebook or even Craigslist groups.
Thanks to the hard work of Adam Herz (you might comprehend his past work, the American Pie franchise) as part of Inside Edition’s investigative team, it’s now obvious that fake bourbon goes a lot deeper.
Why Auction
In the United States in which selling alcohol wants a government supplied permit, auction houses are the final hold out and just try place to market uncommon spirits if you wish to create a fast buck on a blessed buy. With costs increasing, and no sign of slowing, it’s not surprising that someone has flipped their conman eye to selling at auction houses.
Historically, auction houses have used talent to identify fakes – reputation is what, after all. In cases like this, the auction house – Acker Wines – possibly elected to not test , or were completely fooled themselves. Adam Herz and his group bought a jar of Colonel E.H. Taylor Four Grain bourbon, a one time limited release from the Buffalo Trace distillery, for $1,000. , a manufacturer asked. The Acker salesman promised them it had been “Surely”. (full article)
Even the ABV (alcohol by volume) content was also not correct, chemical investigation demonstrated.
Sour Grapes
In the event the title Acker sounds familiar, it’s likely because you had been riveted by another real crime documentary that reached peak fame many decades back. Sour Grapes followed the rise and collapse of a single Rudy Kurniawan as he misled and charmed the world of wine along with the elite who traffic in extremely high value wines. Rudy famously moved two exorbitantly valuable a lot of wine during Acker – proved to be riddled with all fakes that Rudy concocted himself.
This probably won’t be the previous story we write about fake spirits – they’ve begun to riddle the planet of Scotch for decades now – but viewing exactly the same auction house implicated in fake wine earnings turn up within an exhibition on fake bourbon is a worrying trend. If you purchase from Acker, bring a specialist with you.