Disgraced Producer Harvey Weinstein Could Be Extradited into California by End of May

Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer on Friday signaled plans to fight his customer’s extradition to Los Angeles after a grand jury indictment from California. Despite that risk, a New York judge suggested the procedure could wrap up when May 30.
“This is a brand new day,” Weinstein’s lawyer Norman Effman stated in court now. “As I said, Groundhog Day is started .”
Convicted at New York for rape and other fees, Weinstein continues to be enticing his 23-year sentence about the East Coast while simultaneously trying to fend off his transfer into California, where he also faces sexual assault charges involving alleged misconduct supporting five girls in 2004 to 2013.
Although the verdict shielded Weinstein by a potential life sentence, a judge sentenced the 69-year-old toward the top end of the possible range. Weinstein’s lawyer has called the sentence”unconstitutional” in a charm that takes aim at exactly what his attorneys characterize because the trial judge’s outburst over Weinstein bringing cell phones into court.
“Mr. Weinstein, I couldn’t implore you to not answer the next question: is this really the way that you wish to end up in prison for the remainder of your life, by texting in violation of the order?” Judge James Burke explained in a remark that sparked a recusal motion. “Can it be?”
Weinstein’s criminal exposure, and his counterattack, are far from over.
Appearing nearly from prison before Erie County Court Judge Kenneth Case at Buffalo, New York, Weinstein said little as his lawyer Effman signaled his client currently has the option to make a movement for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to deny the petition. Cuomo could decide to halt Weinstein’s transfer by himself, however, there’s not been any indication that the governor would be willing to do so.
“So that 30 day grace period is currently in operation, but I also feel that the — the compact, in addition to the statute, suggests that he was must be brought prior to an Erie County court if he does not waive extradition about the paperwork that he was provided while still incarcerated,” Effman said. “So just as we did the last time, I think we’d return in front of a judge, and there’ll not be a waiver”

“We are eager to defend Harvey against these spurious charges, but not unless he’s first allowed a fair and lawful extradition procedure that will account for his continuing medical treatment in New York and the simple fact that COVID prevents him from using an in-house trial at the Los Angeles courts for the foreseeable future,” defense attorney Mark Werksman said in a statement following the hearing.
Weinstein could face additional decades behind bars if convicted on the West Coast, but the former movie producer’s attorneys hope to stop the procedure from occurring.
“I shall await paperwork out of you , in the event you so choose, and , the 30 day period has begun, which might be until May 30,” Judge Case said.
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