Eight Former Students Charged in Alcohol-Fueled Bowling Green Fraternity Death

Wood County Prosecutor Paul Dodson Discusses during Thursday’s press conference.

Eight young men were indicted Thursday in relation to the passing of Bowling Green State University sophomore Stone Foltz. Police state Foltz died of alcohol poisoning –“deadly ethanol intoxication” — through an off-campus fraternity initiation event last month.
“I’ve often said that this office prosecutes things we’d never want to have happen to ourselves — never more so than in this circumstance,” Paul Dodson, the prosecuting attorney from Wood County, Ohio, commented during a Thursday afternoon press conference.
According to Dodson, the event which led to Foltz’s departure was a”new member initiation process” for Pi Kappa Alpha’s Bowling Green chapter where the new members, also known as”little brothers,” were introduced into mentors known as”big brothers” Prosecutors say that the new members, just about all of whom were below 21, have been given a 750 ml bottle of”high alcohol content liquor” and told to finish this by the end of the night.
“The rest of the event surrounded the viewing of the littles attempt to do so,” Dodson said. “It is alleged that Stone Foltz swallowed all or almost all the contents of his bottle then had been taken home by a lot of different members, including his’big brother,’ 20-year-old Jacob Krinn.”
Prosecutors allege that Krinn, of Delaware, Ohio, and others left Foltz in his flat, where his tribe and friends discovered him and called 911. When emergency medical assistance arrived, Stoltz’s roommate was in the procedure for performing CPR, prosecutors say.
Police say an emergency vehicle took Stoltz into Wood County Hospital. He was later transferred to Toledo Hospital, where he died on March 7.
Rex Elliot, a lawyer for your Foltz household, told Toledo ABC affilaite WTVG last month which Stone Foltz needed a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.394 — almost five times the legal limit — on the night that he had been brought to Wood County Hospital. Elliot also told the outlet that he believed Foltz’s BAC would have been much higher had it been quantified earlier in the day.
Krinn is facing the most intense charges, which include first-degree involuntary manslaughter, third-degree felony involuntary manslaughter, reckless homicide, felonious assault, hazing, failure to follow underage alcohol legislation, and obstructing official business.
Under Ohio law, the components of first-degree involuntary manslaughter include showing that a suspect unintentionally resulted in the death of another individual in the commission or attempted commission of a felony. It is punishable by no more than 11 years .
Here is a breakdown of those other charges associated with Foltz’s death:
Daylen Dunson, 20, of Cleveland, was charged with Third Degree Felony Involuntary Manslaughter, Tampering with Evidence, Obstructing Justice, Hazing, Failure to Abide by Underage Alcohol Legislation, Obstructing Official Business.

Aaron Lehane, 21, of Loveland, Ohio, was charged with all Tampering with Evidence, Hazing, Failure to Abide by Underage Alcohol Legislation, Obstructing Official Business.
Benjamin Boyers,21, of Sylvania, Ohio, was charged with Hazing and Failure to Abide by Underage Alcohol Legislation.
The Foltz family commended prosecutors for Thursday’s indictments.
“We are grateful for all the hard work conducted by law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office, and we’re convinced they will make certain justice is served. However, today is just one step in the ideal direction. Swift action also needs to be taken by police officers and college presidents nationally to abolish fraternity hazing,” the family said in a statement issued by lawyers. “We are living every parent’s worst nightmare and also will not be in peace till fraternity hazing is famous for what it really is — abuse. It’s unacceptable, and in Stone’s case, it had been deadly. Just how many injuries and fatalities will it take for folks in positions of ability to do the right thing? We need zero tolerance. Anything less may lead to other innocent lives and parents like us pleading for change”
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