Former Attorney General Bill Barr’s DOJ Spokesperson Requires New Job at Fox News

An former spokesperson for two-time Attorney General Bill Barr has taken a fresh editorial situation using Fox News, the network announced in a press release on Thursday.
According to the release, Kerri Kupec is named the network’s newest Washington editor, a job she will start on May 10. She’ll report to Doug Rohrbeck, who was also promoted to serve as Senior Vice President of D.C. News.
Kupec became the Justice Department’s chief spokesperson in Dec. 2018 if she substituted Sarah Isgur Flores as the director of this DOJ Office of Public Affairs. She was also a part of former President Donald Trump’s 2016 transition team and helped the Office of White House Counsel in helping affirm U.S. Supreme Court nominees, including the grueling confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
Kupec graduated from the Liberty University School of Law, a private evangelical Christian institute based on Jerry Falwell Sr., in 2011. She then proceeded to serve as legal counsel and communications director for the Alliance Defending Freedom, one of the most influential conservative Christian authorized nonprofits in the country. The Arizona-based group has helped lawmakers with efforts directed at curtailing LGBTQ rights, limiting gay marriage, along with authoring anti-transgender legislation. The company also represented Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips at the U.S. Supreme Court at which he struggled for the right to refuse to promote a wedding cake to a gay couple because of his religious beliefs.

“I am happy that these dedicated people will join FOX News’ leadership group at our headquarters in New York and our largest bureau in Washington,” Jay Wallace, president and executive editor of Fox News Media, said in a statement. “They will continue to advance our strong news performance and dedication to showcasing diverse perspectives across the network”
Sarah Isgur Flores, Kupec’s predecessor at the DOJ under the tenure of Jeff Sessions, turned into a political editor at CNN. She then left that”management” function to scale back to what the New York Times called”a much more traditional entry-level role for government officials who pursue television professions.”
[Image of Kupec through ADF/CBN/YouTube screengrab. Image of Barr through Fox News screengrab.]
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