‘Horrendous’ Triple Murder and’Execution’ of Mom, Dad, and Sister Followed Purported Ultimatum for Suspect to Get a Job: Prosecutors

Alexander Jackson

A man allegedly told authorities his slain father had recently given him a ultimatumfor work or go out. This detail came in accused 20-year-old triple murderer Alexander Ken Jackson himself, according to authorities in a report by Iowa-based socket The Gazette.
“This was a dreadful murder,” Assistant Linn County Attorney Ryan Decker said in court out of Linn County. He named it an”implementation” of Jackson’s daddy Jan Perry Jackson, 61, mom Melissa Ferne Jackson, 68sister along with sister Sabrina Hana Jackson, 19.
“The defendant refused shooting his relatives but confessed his father had recently proposed that he had to obtain work or go out of the house,” explained the criminal complaint.
According to cops, defendant Jackson called 911 on Tuesday morning to claim a man intruder shot his father. Police arrived to likewise find that sister and mother were also shot dead.
Alexander Jackson allegedly asserted he was awakened by the sound of gunfire which he fought with the intruder, who took him in the foot. Prosecutors said that, in fact, Jackson”concocted” a narrative of a”ghost burglar”
Police said they found a .22-caliber Browning semi automatic gun in the home. Authorities believe it is the murder weapon. Jackson reportedly said that he and his father left the weapon from the fireplace after cleaning it the preceding night.
This was his sister.
The defendant, who’s represented with the Linn County Public Defender’s Office, is scheduled for a preliminary hearing to occur June 25. He remains at the Linn County Jail in lieu of 3 points of first-degree murder in lieu of $3 million bond.
[Mugshot via Linn County Jail]
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