‘I’m a State Rep!”: Democratic Lawmaker Charged with Drunk Driving, Resisting Arrest After Authorities Catch Him along with Their Pants Down (VIDEO)

A Michigan state lawmaker was allegedly caught with his pants literally down within an alleged drunken driving spree that culminated with a car landing in a ditch, accidents to unidentified female airways, accusations of disparate democratic therapy, charges of resisting arrest, threats to predict the governor and other officials such as support, and requests for special therapy.
He confronts a litany of fees surrounding an April 6, 2021 incident in a different state midway between Detroit and the state capitol of Lansing. Police records say he was tased, pepper sprayed, and arrested after he became ill with the authorities.
The arrested originated from forcing between Southfield and Fowlerville that was shocking that”numerous other motorists called 911,” the Detroit Free Press said in a post. Detroit FOX affiliate WJBK-TV acquired video taken by a motorist who said he detected Jones driving .
Some reports say the very first responding paramedics discovered Jones and his companion with their pants down. In a WJBK report (which cites Another report by the Michigan Information & Research Service, that demands a subscription):

The woman was finally placed in an ambulance once it was determined she was not able to stand in her own, had vomited, and had been basically unresponsive.
Based on police records reviewed by Law&Crime, the lawmaker was confrontational that medics asked a”priority one” law enforcement response. From a country police report:
I came on scene and observed a male subject near an EMS worker and the worker trying to push him back. I contacted the male as the EMS worker was guiding him, he wasn’t allowed to go in the ambulance. I asked the male theme to step back by my patrol car. The male subject appeared to be highly intoxicated. There was a very strong odor of intoxicants coming from his speech was slurred as he spoke. His eyes were red bloodshot and glassy and his fine motor skills were weak.
The”male theme” (Jones) flashed a badge, but state troopers didn’t get a good look at it. Again, from the country authorities report:
He said he was still an off-duty officer. I asked the ID and driver’s permit a few times and he refused to honor. Then he stepped back and jolt out him arms and clinched his rights fist with a set of keys inside, he then piled his posture as if he had been going to perform something. He was asked one last time because of his ID and driver’s permit, he responded”I can’t do this.” I reached out for the guy’s right wrist so we could detain the topic and he instantly started to pull off and resist.
What follows in this report is really that a play-by-play description of what the state authorities did to attempt to detain Jones and what Jones allegedly did to resist. The event included”loud verbal orders,” two jolts from a Taser, a warning about being pepper sprayed, and one shot of pepper spray into the eyes.

She later affirmed Jones had been driving the car.
Jones denied medical treatment and had been taken to prison. That’s more than twice the legal limit of .08. (Prosecutors later said the amount was”at 0.17,” the Free Press reported) The blood attracted occurred at 9:16 pm, additional records show; troopers were dispatched to the scene just a couple of minutes after 6:00 p.m.
Laboratory reports show Jones’s alleged blood alcohol level.
Supplemental authorities reports included a number of the discussion between Jones and the assembled officers. What’s a mix of what’s included in those reports according to officers’ memories and what’s discernible in the choppy dash cam video and sound records. It’s not a complete transcript.
The movie indicates a state trooper pulling behind a prevent ambulance on the right-hand shoulder of a highway. Even a trooper exits and tactics Jones, who was engaged in dialogue with a team of three assembled paramedics. Jones said he wished to ride in the ambulance — apparently along with his female companion.
Jones said he needed to journey”along with her” in the ambulance”for clinical purposes.” He suggested maybe he could stick to the ambulance and the state authorities could follow him.
“If they say no, you are not planning,” the trooper informed Jones.
“Relax; continue,” the trooper said a few times as he blocked Jones from going.
“I’m not gont do anything mad, bro,” Jones said.

“I will not, so just follow me all the way into the hospital,” Jones said. “I will follow them, and you follow me…”
The trooper cut him off.
“I will determine what’s going on.” The trooper said. “Relax, okay? Let us see your ID and your driver’s license”

Jones walked into the appropriate; the trooper followed him.
Michigan State Police Trooper James Gilmer points in Jewell Jones while confronting him around the side of this highway. State Police records show Jones’s BAC was 0.191 many hours later. Picture via dash cam video.
“Relax. Do not do something stupid that you are going to repent,” said the trooper.
Jones repeatedly refused to deliver his license. He appeared to say he’d be walking over to his car and”sitting .”
“I’m requesting your ID yet another time and your driver’s license. Do you know me?”
The trooper then recognized himself as Trooper Gilmer.
“Do not be dumb. That might be a major mistake for you right now,” Gilmer said.
“I need your ID and your driver’s permit,” Gilmer asked yet again.
The other trooper walked behind Jones.

Another trooper approached Jones and Gilmer approximately one minute to the experience. Picture via dash cam video.
“I have something to say to you, bro,” Jones said. (The authorities report calls that statement a good illustration of”inactive immunity.”)
“Can I speak to you on your ear?” Jones also asked Gilmer several times.
“You’re not doing exactly everything you are supposed to do at the moment, and that’s the issue,” Gilmer said with reference to Jones’ failure to turn over his ID.
Jones complaint that Gilmer touched him. Gilmer said he was keeping him off.
“We are going to do that one step at a time,” Gilmer said.
Jones asked if he could get his phone . Gilmer told him”no”
“Today, I want your ID and your driver’s permit, okay?” Gilmer asked.
Jones said he”can’t do this.”
Officers then proceeded to put Jones into custody.
“Do not become rough,” Gilmer seems to say.
The movie then cuts to reveal the view from a different group car’s dash cam.
The subsequent scuffle finished with two officers holding Jones down on the floor a few feet off the face of the highway.
While asking Jones a seemingly uncountable amount of times to allow himself to be handcuffed, Jones repeatedly said he’d receive his ID. By then, it was too late.
“I vow to God, I will offer you my ID. Jones said. “I don’t trust you.”
“I vow to God, I’ll provide you my left arm,” Jones said after repeated orders to allow himself to be placed into custody. “I vow to God, I will. I vow to God. I vow to God. Just trust me… I vow to God, I wouldn’t lie to you… I will telephone Governor [Gretchen] Whitmer at the moment! I vow to God, I will give you it.”
That exchange stopped at roughly five minutes and 5 seconds into the recording.
Then he dropped the n-word in 5:08.
“Allow me to sit back! Allow me to sit , n*****! Allow me to sit !” Jones said into the Black trooper who was assisting Gilmer. “I’m not gonna perform nothing to you! I really don’t enjoy this!”

“Give us your arm! Stop resisting!” The officers commanded at 5:16.
“No! I was abused by the f**king authorities , officer! I’m Black! Just allow me to get up! I’m a country rep! I will offer it to you! I vow to God! Just allow me to sit !”
“You’re not sitting ! Give me your left arm!” The officers exclaimed.
“I’m not giving you my arm unless you take at me,” Jones said at a single point. “You take me, I will get up.”
“What!” A shocked officer responded.
Jones continued to say he’d provide the officers his arm whenever they allowed him to sit . The troopers continued to accuse him of not cooperating and, even when they appeared to accord his requests to be allowed to sit , they chose to accuse him of neglecting to go through with his”vow to God” claim to stop resisting arrest.
More officers came on the scene. Picture via dash cam video.
“You’re much more powerful than me, I will tell you that much,” Jones said. “I really don’t give a fuck, bro; when I call Gretchen I will needy’all of ID’s badge numbers — what.”
He said he’d provide the troopers he’d”sit here and providey’all my shit.”
“Bro, I’ve been abused by the authorities ,” Jones said he noting he”worked with the authorities.”
A trooper told him. “Give us your left arm!”

Troopers told Jones he was”under arrest” roughly eight minutes to the recording.
Jewell Jones was hauled into a group car around ten minutes following the experience started. Picture via dash cam video.
Based on police reports, Jones also told troopers”its not going to be great for you” and”I runy’all funding, bro.”
“Bro, in case you tase mepersonally, it’s gon’ be poor,” he also is alleged to have said.
“If you hit me it is going to be bad for you; if you hit me it is going to be quite bad for you,” he later is accused of saying.

“Tell Joe that you have. You’re gonna telephone fucking Joe… I’m not sure he’s (inaudible). If he’s not up, wake up him. Tell Joe that you’ve. Tell Joe who you’ve — handcuffed, okay?” “And then, let him know you have me and let him know I would love to go home. After that, allow me to go fucking home. However, speak to him . Wake his ass up. You need me to call him? You are all put like like ten fucking troopers are on mepersonally. Give me my call; I will call him . I will call him and tell him I’d love to move home. That’s the only place I’m going after this”
At roughly 20:20 to the recording, Jones complained that”young troopers” put him in a”fucking stabbing” style while he was”already fucking Black.”
Picture via police movie.

Rep. Jewell Jones. Picture through the Michigan State Police.
Ali Hammoud, Jones’s lawyer, said Jones is an”auxiliary police officer… and a deacon in his church,” the Free Press reported. Hammoud said”Jones will continue to faithfully serve” his components when talking with local colleagues following a court hearing.
Hammoud also told the newspaper police used”excessive force” through the arrest and hadn’t any right to ask Jones’s ID from the first place because no crime was committed.
“There was no indication of alcohol,” Hammoud asserted.
The defense lawyer further contested the police assertion that Jones’s car had rolled into the ditch.
A judge allowed Jones to keep any weapons he needed National Guard obligation. Jones’s legislative biography claims he is a member of the Michigan National Guard.
The legislature is determining whether to subject Jones.
Read the state police records below:

Jewel Jones Press Release by Law&Crime
[Editor’s note: some quotations herein are somewhat different than they appear in state authorities records. They’re cleaned to correct spelling and punctuation errors to make them easier to browse ]
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