Inmate, Who Was 14 After He Stabbed Friend Over 40 Times in School Restroom Stall, Has Died in Prison

Michael Hernandez

A prison inmate in Florida died on Thursday after decades behind bars in the brutal murder of a friend. Michael Hernandez, who was 14 when he committed the crime, was serving a life sentence at Columbia Correctional Institute in the departure of Jaime Gough. Police didn’t detail the cause of death. Department of Corrections online documents only describe him as”DECEASED,” and dryly notes the”Date Out-Custody” as April 29, 2021.
In a statement to Law&Crime, ” they stated that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is exploring, with the Florida Department of Corrections Office of the Inspector General helping out.
“Due to the open and active investigation, we are not able to provide any extra info,” they stated. “The district Medical Examiner is responsible for determining the cause of death for any individual who dies in a prison, which determination is releasable by the Medical Examiner.”
Jaime’s father Jorge Gough told The Associated Press he wasn’t anticipating Hernandez’s departure. He explained that he and his wife talk in their son, simply”not in a gloomy way.”
“We miss him, and the major question is: What could he be now?” He explained.
The possibility of Jaime, a straight-A pupil and violin player, stopped when Hernandez lured him into a disabled toilet stall at Southwood Middle School in the south Florida village of Palmetto Bay. The defendant promised to reveal something. It ended up being a snare. Hernandez stabbed more than 40 days and slit his throat, then concealed the knife in a backpack before going to class. He didn’t stop capture for any significant amount of time because a teacher saw blood on him.
Hernandez, who authorities said was obsessed with serial killers, also confronted a count of attempted first-degree murder since he tried to lure another friend Andre Martin to exactly the exact same snare the afternoon before.
The defendant got re-sentenced in 2016 following the U.S. Supreme Court held that juveniles could not get mandatory life sentences. It didn’t do any good. His punishment stood. He gave a mental apology at the hearing, however Martin (who is now a police officer) and Jaime’s parents called it fake.
“I will have a take a look at his own face, and I really don’t think him whatsoever,” Jorge said, according to WSVN.
Update – 3:37 p.m.: The Florida Department of Corrections responded to some Law&Crime petition for comment.
[Mugshot via Florida Department of Corrections]
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