Iowa Sex Offender Charged with Murdering His Son’s 10-Year-Old Half-Sister

A sex offender at Scott County, Iowa was charged on Wednesday with murdering a 10-year-old woman. Henry Earl Dinkins, 48, was already in prison when he had been accused of murdering relative Breasia Terrell.
Police were mum about the facts in a press conference, using Scott County Attorney Mike Walton saying they could not talk about the outcome of the investigation in detail due to the pending case. Nevertheless, investigators did argue that Dinkins took Terrell from a residence last July 10, 2020, also shot . In responding to reporter questions, the prosecutors stated that the defendant is the only person charged, and the investigation is continuing.
Davenport police Captain Brent Biggs voiced sympathy for Breasia’s mother Aisha Lankford.
“We cannot imagine the despair and pain she must experience, and our ideas and our prayers stay with her and Breasia’s family,” he explained.
Cops have stated that Terrell was last seen from the 2700 block of 53rd Street through the wee hours of last July 10. A search for her arrived in a tragic end. Davenport police leader Paul Sikorski announced on March 31 the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department officials contacted his department about remains found close to the city of DeWitt. An autopsy has been performed. It had been Breasia.
Henry Earl Dinkins and Breasia Terrell.
Dinkins instantly became a person of interest. Authorities did not need to look much better. The defendant was already at the Scott County Jail in an alleged sex offender registry breach; he was arrested the identical day Terrell went lost. Original attorney Russell A. Dircks withdrew from the case, citing a conflict of interest: his spouse taught Breasia in one of her courses.
It has been reported that Terrell had gone missing in the flat Dinkins shared with his girlfriend.
Dinkins is the father of Breasia’s half-brother.
The defendant stays in the Scott County jail after being hammered for months at a $25,000 bond. His present lawyer in the matter between the sex offender registry, Jack Dusthimer, declined to comment on the virtues of the new situation when Law&Crime achieved out. But he stated he wouldn’t represent the defendant at the new murder and kidnapping situation and did not know who would. Records show no lawyer listed in the subject as of the time of this report.
According to the Iowa sex offender registry, the defendant, who had been 17 at the time of crime, was convicted in 1990 of sexual abuse in the third level. Authorities identified the child for a woman, but did not define her era, only giving a statutory assortment of”0-13.”

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