Judge Resigns After Being Accused of Shoving One Prosecutor, Calling Another ‘Anti-Semitic’ for Refusing to Cut Husband’s Associate a Plea Deal

Head of the Harbor Village Court is comprised within the municipality’s village hall.
A Long Island village judge resigned in May while now being investigated on misconduct allegations that comprised pushing a Suffolk County assistant district attorney (ADA) and phoning another ADA”anti-Semitic” for not giving her husband’s associate a lenient plea deal in a vehicle and traffic situation, the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct announced in a Thursday press release.
According to the launch, former Head of the Harbor Village Justice Ellen D. Fishkin, who first took office in 1996, was under investigation after she resigned May 6. She also signed a stipulation agreeing to”not to seek or take” another judicial office in any moment later on, the release states.
Along with the misconduct concerning the 2 ADAs, Fishkin was also being investigated for turning the courtroom recording equipment on and off in the middle of proceedings, presiding over and accepting pleas in traffic court with no ADA present, locking the court while she was away to prevent other people from latching on matters when she was not there, also exhibiting an”improper demeanor” in dealings with prosecutors, litigants, and attorneys.
“The allegations against Judge Fishkin were serious and multiple,” Commission Administrator Robert Tembeckjian said in Thursday’s press launch. “Under the conditions, Judge Fishkin’s death from office is appropriate.”
The Stipulation signed by Fishkin further stated that the Office of Court Administration informed the Commission of her resignation on May 11, the same day the Commission told Fishkin she was being investigated in a new matter concerning an audit of the court’s financing performed by the Office of the State Comptroller.
Under the terms of the stipulation, if Fishkin ever hold any period at any moment later on, the investigation into the misconduct complaints against her would be revived, so she’d be served using an official complaint, and the matter would go to a hearing loss.
Newsday in April reported that the”findings from an audit of their Head of the Harbor Village Justice Court were known to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office” when researchers found that financial records had vanished.
According to the report, in 2016 and 2017, a former part time worker was charged with doing all the court’s financial responsibilities. During the time the court failed to keep any”deposit slipscredit card reimbursement accounts bank or bank reconciliations.”
“The clerk did not work sufficient hours to properly conduct the financial and administrative business of the court,” and the presiding court justice”failed to provide adequate supervision,” the newspaper stated, mentioning into the auditors’ report.
Fishkin’s term would have expired on April 3, 2023, had she remained in office.
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