Law&Crime Launches New Podcast Using Sgt. Sean’Sticks’ Larkin

NEW YORK, NY – April 29, 2021 – Law&Crime, the leading live trial and true crime network, announces the launching of a new podcast using Sgt. Sean”Sticks” Larkin. Larkin is a officer and the mind of the gang system of the Tulsa, Oklahoma, police department. Now’s launching adds to a growing list of Law&Crime podcasts.
Larkin will direct listeners during interviews with law enforcement officers, first responders, informants and community leaders, in a casual and romantic setting.
In every incident, Larkin and fellow first responders may discuss stories from their time on the force and answer common questions people have about law enforcement. Larkin will even interview informants about their experiences, and have talks with community leaders about the current condition of policing in the united states.
In the first episode now of”Coptales…”, Larkin is joined by Estill Officer, Quincy Smith, that had been captured in the busy field of duty. The incident will also feature audio and video of Smith’s shooting.
“I’m beyond excited to partner up with Law&Crime (possessed by my buddy Dan Abrams) along with my friend and co-host ICU Nurse Howard Doss, for our newest podcast. I hope listeners would feel like they were right there together with all the officers because we talk about a few of the wildest, most scariest and funniest instances and situations they have been involved .”
Larkins podcast adds to Law&Crime’s growing lineup of podcasts, including the top-rated”Court Junkie,””The Dan Abrams Show,” and”Objections.” Podcast listeners can download and listen to episodes of the Legislation Crime-produced”Coptales…” free of a Desktop, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android device directly through along with Apple Podcasts.
Larkin also has a novel coming out in June with Law&Crime Books known as”Breaking Blue”
Around Law&Crime
From the high profile instances to the most compelling regional trials, Law&Crime is your 24/7 linear and OTT system offering daily live trial reporting and professional legal opinion and evaluation. Made by TV’s best legal commentator and lawyer, Dan Abrams, Lawand Crime is dedicated to researching the always intriguing world of law enforcement whilst at the same time offering initial crime tales and legal applications to a broad, multi-platform crowd.
Around Sgt. Sean”Sticks” Larkin
Sean”Sticks” Larkin has since spent the previous 24 years as a police officer on the roads in Tulsa, Oklahoma. During this time he’s worked in a variety of assignments including patrol, narcotics, gangs and most recently the Crime Gun Unit. He had been a co-host/analyst in the hit TV series Live PD and hosted the gritty tv series PD Cam. When not running around with all the Jump Out Boys (his team in the office ), he spends some time hanging out with his 2 adult kiddos, collecting bourbon and trying to hit a little white ball into a pit hundreds of yards away.
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