Man Allegedly Plowed Pickup Truck into Picnic Birthday Party After Complaining About’Asians,”Yuppies with Automobiles’

Timothy Nielsen

A man in Chicago, Illinois allegedly plowed a pickup truck into a running club that was holding a picnic birthday party. Police state Timothy Nielsen, 57, jumped a bill to strike the picnickers, striking a 42-year-old woman.
“The victim was trapped underneath the vehicle and also sustained serious injuries in the collision,” police said in a statement obtained by Law&Crime.
The suspect is charged with four counts of attempted first-degree murder.
Witnesses at the scene said a confrontation happened prior to the near-fatal attack. Approximately 10 to 15 friends were carrying a cookout, based on local socket Block Club Chicago. Troy Brown, who belonged to the group, said they were part of a working club carrying a belated birthday party. He said there was crying with the driver of this truck before the episode. Brown said everything happened quickly, and that he did not really capture what was being stated.
A neighbor said that the motorist called the group, a few of whom had dogs with them”yuppies with puppies .”
Brown is Black, and many others in the group were explained as being Hispanic. After the motorist allegedly uttered his truck in the set, he struck a white woman. Brown stated she had been trapped under the vehicle, but was able to get out since the vehicle struck a cooler. He said she survived with cuts and bruises, and had been traumatized, and was discharged from the hospital.
Brown stated he and the others attempted to block the driver from tripping. A fight ensued. According to the account, the suspect trimming Brown’s left arm with a knife.
“It is rather hard to shake off it since I had been a part of it,” he said. “But moreso, I’m thankful that my buddy is OK and they’re not seriously injured or worse happened.”
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