Memento of Conrad Roy, Teen Who Died by Suicide After Text Messages from Michelle Carter, Remarkably Enrolling Up Many Miles Away

Conrad Roy, Jr. claims he received a Father’s Day surprise that felt like a gift from his late son Conrad Roy III, who died by suicide at 2014.
“I’m happy today because it felt like he brought me that ,” Conrad told Massachusetts local station WCVB.
Sandra Machado posted images of a red hard hat to Facebook on Sunday, stating that she found it upon the shores of the Azores Islands.

“Conrad Roy JR your helmet came to the Azores!!” Machado wrote. “Located today a 11.30 about the beach of mills Porto Formoso island of S Sao Miguel.”
Machado said she saw the helmet at the wavesand if she pulled it out of the water, she discovered the stickers stating that it was out of Roy’s marine salvage company in New Bedford, Massachusetts.
Conrad Roy reported he lost the hard hat after he had been operating at a site in New Bedford with his late son at 2014.
Porto Formoso is on the island of Sao Miguel, the largest island on the Portuguese archipelago. The Azores Islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 930 miles from Lisbon and about 2,400 miles in the east coast of North America.
At first, Machado did not know the story behind the younger Conrad’s death, which made national news after his girlfriendMichelle Carter, then 17 years old, was accused of involuntary manslaughter for sending 18-year-old Conrad Roy III text messages encouraging him to take his own lifespan.
“I am happy for helping the family to have some sort of reassurance,” Machado told WCVB.
Carter was convicted in 2017, and sentenced to 2 and a half a year in prison, followed by probation.

Carter appealed her conviction, first to the Massachusetts Supreme Court, which held that the lower court’s conviction, then to the Supreme Court from the USA, which refused her certiorari petition.
Carter was also a”model inmate” in accordance with prison officials. She was released in Feb. 2020.
Roy Jr. advised WCVB he does not have any set plans yet when it comes to receiving the hard hat, but he is thinking about traveling to the Azores to regain it.
“I think my son’s narrative was such a negative narrative and only a depressing story, and I think this brings a bit of happiness to someone Father’s Day,” Roy Jr. said.
[Image courtesy YouTube/WCVB]
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