Missing 13-Year-Old Was Found Shot at the Mouth at Philadelphia. Her Family Wants Answers.

Researchers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania recognized a murder victim on Saturday as a 13-year-old woman who went missing last year. The household Alezauna Carter is calling out for replies.
Throughout a vigil on Tuesday, Alezauna’s mother said the child ran away. Since the socket paraphrased it, there were”situations” which made it so Carter”was not able to be home.” Police said Carter ran away many times from parental and guardian care.
The research ended in tragedy last month, although it might take some days for authorities to understand that. A female victim was found shot in the mouth in a first-floor flat on the 1500 block of Overington Street in the neighborhood of Frankford, and it is in the northwestern part of Philadelphia.
Police released surveillance footage the day after the murder, depicting an individual they called a defendant.
The defendant.
The sufferer was eventually identified on Saturday since Carter.
“She was a strong woman, but she didn’t deserve this,” explained her mum Trisha. “Not all.”

“They think cause she out in the road, she doing something bad,” Carter’s cousin mentioned at the vigil. “Nah, folks simply hang round the wrong group of people.”
“There is not a thing you can do as a parent to prepare one for something like this,” said grandfather William Orr, according to WPVI. “We all live down South Philly and southwest, therefore I don’t have any clue how she was able to locate her way down to the neighborhood.”

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