Murder Defendant Testifies That Calling His Ex-Girlfriend 49 Times on Day of Killing Was Not’Allergic Behaviour’

Joshua Aide, the Wisconsin man on trial for trying to kill his own ex-girlfriend Rebecca Borkowski and her loved buddy John Miller, in addition to killing her dad James Gruettner, denied the stand Wednesday that calling her 49 days over the day of the episode was obsessive.

#JoshuaAide — Cross: You known as Rebecca 49 times that day?

Josh: I did

Prosecutor: You would agree that is obsessive behaviour?

Josh: I would not [email protected]
— Cathy Russon (@cathyrusson) May 5, 2021

The defense is trying to demonstrate that the sufferers ambushed Aide, 40, and he chased back in self-defense. They maintained that this happened after the suspect displeased Borkowski by needing to sell his late dad’s house in 2019.
Prosecutors said it had been Aide who did the exact ambushing while the victims were attempting to correct a car or truck.

#JoshuaAide — Important to note, Josh testifies Rebecca had a gun pointed at him and that is why he needed to take her. We have seen body cam footage, authorities appear, Rebeeca is around the floor with a bullet in her head. No gun found. @LawCrimeNetwork
— Cathy Russon (@cathyrusson) May 5, 2021

The only thing both sides actually agree on is that the shooting happened after Borkowski, 33, ended a 5-year connection with Aide. The prior few co-owned a Tahoe that’d radiator difficulty. Borkowski said she was going to have it fixed. Miller, a 57-year-old buddy of her loved ones, came over to help that day on August 4, 2020. The suspect, however, did not need them working on the automobile.
Aide asserted on the stand that Gruettner, 59, began beating and hitting himand he fired to protect himself. He claimed to fire Miller after the man tried to hit him in the back with a thing. Finally, he said he shot Borkowski, who elevated a weapon toward him.
Obviously this is a 180 in the story presented by the natives, who said Aide showed up and started fire.

#JoshuaAide — Rebecca says they had been working on the vehicle when Josh revealed. She turned about and there was a laser pointed in the center of her brow. Second thing she knew she dropped and awakened visiting an officer. She saw her lying next to her @LawCrimeNetwork

#JoshuaAide — John Miller testifies he is a buddy of James Gruettner & his wife. James asked him to work on a car because of his daughter, Rebecca. While there, the Aide showed up. He discovered”pop, pop”, turned about, red laser on his head, he was then shot. @LawCrimeNetwork
— Cathy Russon (@cathyrusson) May 4, 2021

The single”conspiracy” the victims were part of has been giving Joshua’s home back to get him from Rebecca’s lifetime, the country says. In the prosecution’s case on Monday:

#JoshuaAide — Today talking what prosecutors say led to the shooting. Josh and Rebecca co-owned a Tahoe. It had work before she can get it into the defendant’s house. Josh told her to not have anybody else perform on the automobile. @LawCrimeNetwork

The prosecution pressed Aide on Wednesday regarding the dozens of telephone calls he admittedly left to Borkowski about the day of the shooting. He claimed that he had T-Mobile as a service, and did not understand when the calls went through. The country brought that Rebecca only called him three times that day, with the last call with him at 5:30 p.m.. When driving into the website of the shooting Oshkosh, from 6:36 p.m. to 8:04 p.m., Aide tried to reach 31 times. The prosecution indicated he was so angry she wasn’t answering her phone. Aide maintained that this was normal behaviour for her.
In regards to the former relationship, the defendant insisted that he did not ask to reunite with her, but just wanted to understand why he left him.
According to testimony and evidence, Aide noted that another man interacted with her Facebook. Borkowski, obviously annoyed, said that it seemed like the suspect was”stalking” her.

#JoshuaAide — The day before the shooting these messages had been exchanged between Rebecca and the suspect.

#JoshuaAide — Day before shooting messages:

Josh: No answer back? However you can reply to Joseph Josef?
Rebecca: Josh what the Deadly ***. Why do I need to explain myself . We are nottttt [email protected]

Following Miller got involved with all the Tahoe fix, Aide claimed that the older man was with Borkowski.
“You’ve got problems,” she wrote in reply. The suspect needed the car fixed by a professional mechanic. Borkowski said , stating that everybody was reserved and that she desired the automobile gone from the weekend.

#JoshuaAide — Rebecca gives Josh Jon Miller’s phone number saying he’s going to help reestablish the radiator on the Tahoe so she can find the Tahoe into Josh. Josh then accuses her of Jon being her new boyfriend. @LawCrimeNetwork

During her testimony, Borkowski detailed a connection filled with physical abuse from Aide.

#JoshuaAide — In 2016 she had been residing with the suspect, they had been drinking. Joshua got mad. She got frightened and tried to catch her keys. She said he tried to prevent her and then ended up on the floor. Shows photo of rug burn she sustained during the fight @LawCrimeNetwork

#JoshuaAide — Messages day before shooting:
Rebecca: Josh I don’t want what we needed. Alcohol, verbal/physical misuse and anxiety isn’t what I need in my [email protected]

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