Naked Man Made His Way into Home, Claimed It Was His and Killed Parakeets: Homeowner (VIDEO)

A man made his way into a house naked, put to the homeowner’s shorts, swam in the pool and killed two parakeets on Thursday.
Video showed the man wandering the residence nude and placing on shorts. As seen in video, homeowner Matt Sabz, that had been home alone, confronted him from the very top of the stairs. Sabz’s spouse had phoned, telling him their surveillance footage showed the naked man breaking into the residence, he explained.
The man didn’t go, he explained. Instead, the person claimed that this was his house.
“He did not leave,” Sabz stated. “He looked at me and said’that is my home, what do you do here’ and that I could say a phrase, he stated’I’m going to call the police.’ And right away I recognized that this is not a man you need to participate with any further.”
Footage supposedly captured Kyan murdering the family’s two parakeets.
“He set his hands around them, dropped themand stomped on them. The other bird understood what was happening. It is possible to listen to the bird crying and he did the identical thing with the second bird. That kind of changed what once we saw that he killed both of these animals.”
Sabz would escape from the house from the balcony outside the break in, however, he explained his kids were the people who discovered the parakeets dead. Kiyan was later faced with locality security. He’d become the house by taking a garage door opener out of an unsecured vehicle, police said. He faces charges of burglary and animal cruelty.
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