NFL Free Agent RB with Various Run-ins Using the Legislation Pees Himself During Pizza Hut Meltdown (VIDEO)

Newly released video showing the January arrest of published Miami Dolphins running back Mark Walton, 24, shows him arguing with authorities and employees in a Pizza Hut place. The problem escalated to Walton supposedly assaulting a man he identified as his cousin. The free agent pro soccer player urinated on himself while still in handcuffs.
“I must pee,” he said. “I have to pee. I am working right now. You see it?”
Walton was arrested back on January 31. In the time of the incident, he had supposedly tried to crush a window in a Pizza Hut, and assaulted a cousin that had been trying to control him.
As observed on the recently published body camera footage, authorities walked on the suspect arguing with workers via an intercom system. He told cops he had trouble with creating an order through delivery. The business canceled on him, but the actual problem was one of those workers called him a”f– a.”
“That is a business,” Walton informed the officer into his version of event. “You do not treat no customer like that.”

“I’m. “I really don’t understand exactly what they called you for. I never known you.”
He continued to argue with a female worker during the intercom. The woman claimed he tried to split the window.
“Go pull the camera,” he said.
The officer attempted to talk him down, but Walton was determined about fixing the matter on his conditions.
“You know that you’re speaking to?” The defendant informed the officer, whose entire body camera provided the footage .
This immediately ticked off the officer, who also informed the former NFL player he was trespassing.
“I called,” Walton said.
Police tried to convince him all he needed to get a complaint was the location address. Walton remained clearly warmed.
At this point, a person later identified as Walton’s cousin tried to intervene.
“You good, bro,” the suspect told. “You great “
Police eventually insisted about the trespassing problem. Walton insisted on shaking the hand of some other cop he had been arguing , but the officer denied. The defendant’s cousin finally pulled him away.
This was hardly the end of the narrative. As seen on the movie, police found the two men in a nearby parking lot. The cousin was on the ground; among those officers noted he was still also bleeding. Police accused Walton of hitting the sufferer onto the surface.
The suspect denied wrongdoing, insisting his cousin caught him and fell on the ground. The suspect continued to argue with the officer, whose point of view could be found in the body camera footage.
“I left with no store amount,” he said.
“As you’re acting out like a idiot,” the officer shouted.

That isn’t Walton’s first run-in with the law. He was detained four days in 2019, among which entailed him assaulting his recently pregnant girlfriend. Walton was seen jumping because he left prison before press cameras.

The battery charged against him had been dropped May 2020, but his latest team, the Miami Dolphins, had released him over the incident.
[Screengrab via TMZ Sports]
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