Ohio Man Who Claimed to Find His Girlfriend’s 2-Year-Old Boy with a Plastic Bag Over His Head Is Currently Charged with Murder

Ronald Hicks Jr..

An Ohio man previously charged with felonious assault in the death of his girlfriend 2-year-old boy faces a count of murder.
Ronald Hicks Jr., 25, has been previously arrested for the June 11 event. The child victim has been recognized as Ryan Mounts.
Hicks reportedly claimed he was watching four children on behalf of his girlfriend. The children started exercising, so that he left them go upstairs, even as stated by him. In this edition of events, Hicks checked on the children because it was quiet, he then found the victim on mattress using a plastic bag on his head. The youngster’s heartbeat was fast, he had blood on his brow, and then he was starting to turn blue, Hicks allegedly said.
Hicks asserted that he tore off the bag of the kid, then began performing CPR while calling 911.
The boy died the next day, with doctors ascertaining he suffered a fractured neck and head trauma. Their decision: these injuries may not have occurred in the child using a bag over his head, according to police in an Associated Press report. A couple of the children in the house were allegedly Hicks’ girlfriend, while another two were his very own. Aside from the victim, none of the other children were allegedly injured.
Hicks was sentenced on October 29, 2020 to 18 months of probation for a felonious assault instance where he fired a gun in a man, grazing the sufferer’s face, according to Cleveland.com. He was also ordered to take anger control and gun-safety courses. It is uncertain if he’s a lawyer in the case.
[Mugshot through Cleveland Division of Police]
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