Former GOP Elected Official Sentenced in Another Court for Baby-Selling Scheme

Paul Petersen

Paul Petersen, the former Republican elected official who pleaded guilty in 3 courts for a adoption fraud case, had been sentenced to five years in prison in his home state of Arizona on Friday.
“It does not matter that you are, no one is above the law,” stated Attorney General Mark Brnovich (R). “Paul Petersen offended the people’s trust and defrauded taxpayers. Now he had been held accountable.”
It’s down two courts, one to go. Petersen was sentenced with an Arkansas federal judge in December to 6 years . Arizona says state the brand new 5-year sentence will be in”addition” to his national one. The last sentencing-in Utah-is still pending after it got postponed.
Petersen, the assessor for Maricopa County, was first charged in 2019 for getting pregnant women from the Republic of the Marshall Islands to emerge over the USA and give their babies up for adoption. Arizona prosecutors say the defendants spent over a decade setting up adoptions, charging the receiver households about $35,000 per instance. He and his co-defendant Lynwood Jennet-who is scheduled for Legislation at Arizona on April 19-cheated Arizona’s Medicaid system to get compensated for 29 births, police said.
Authorities also stated Petersen lied about the length of time the mothers spent in america. As an instance, he got $33,000 in a family after he promised to paid $11,000 for your birth mother to state at the USA for five weeks. In fact, she had been just in the Copper State for 15 days.
He pleaded guilty July 2020 to charges such as deceptive schemes, and artifices and forgery.

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Wild Video Shows Man Brought Toddler Past Zoo Fence. An Elephant Charged.

Wild movie indicates an elephant charging at a man, who apparently brought a small child ago a warrior fence and dropped the woman as the creature lunged. The child had been identified as his husband. It’s no surprise that the man is currently in trouble with cops and the San Diego Zoo, but no one needed him from the enclosure over that very large, gray mammal.
As seen on video, an adult and a kid were on the inside of the fence. He had been holding the woman, seemingly posing. The elephant got quite hostile, and lunged for most humans. Other people on the opposite side of fencing shouted.
“Watch out!” Said a woman.
The man apparently dropped the kid while crossing the fence, and picked her back up. All toldit might have been worse. The elephant stopped short of the fence.
“This afternoon, March 19, 2021, two guests, despite multiple obstacles, purposely and illegally trespassed to a habitat, which is home to our Asian and African elephants,” that the San Diego Zoo in a statement obtained by NBC San Diego. “San Diego Zoo security promptly responded to the episode, but the guests had left the habitat.”
Witnesses told that the socket it seemed as the man was trying to have an image. They encouraged him to get out of there
“We told him to get out,” Jake Ortale stated. “He turned . He saw it, thankfully, only in time. He works, throws his baby through the gate and [that the elephant is] seconds from only hitting him. He jumps through the gate, falls, the infant’s on the floor and that is when [the wolf ] roared.”
“The poor thing,” Lori Ortale stated. “The poor infant’s sobbing, crying.”
“The baby begins yelling,” Jake Ortale stated. “Folks were just angry at this guy.”
Navarrete faces a cost of child cruelty with potential injury or death. He’s being held at the San Diego Central jail in lieu of a $100,000 bond. A court date has been scheduled for March 30. It’s uncertain if he has an attorney in this matter.
[Screengrab via Fox 11 Los Angeles]
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‘Evil Rick Moranis’: Person Wanted in Capitol Siege Seems Like Ghostbusters Actor

Breaking news, everybody: A man wanted from the D.C. Capitol siege totally looks like Ghostbusters actor Rick Moranis.
Law&Crime anticipated to find a great deal of different things when the comic trended under politics Sunday.

We didn’t anticipate this.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation printed images of an unidentified person, saying this was one of those suspects in January 6 siege of this U.S. Capitol Building. Images featured the person wearing a dark helmet, and much more to the point, rocking an great pair of eyeglasses. Twitter users immediately reached a consensus: This dude looks like Moranis.
Cue everybody having far too much fun.
Of course, the black helmet educated a few of Moranis’s role at the 1987 classic Spaceballs.
On the other thought, is everybody missing the actual story?
Consider this”Moranis” stuff as dark comedy. Even the D.C. Capitol siege was easily one of the very disturbing, surreal things to occur annually.
Supporters of then-President Donald Trump raided the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6 after he continued to lie which he actually won the 2020 presidential election, and it had been stolen from him. Five people died amid the chaos: four Trump fans, and yet another Capitol police officer. Three died by suicide mere days following the episode: another Capitol officer, a D.C. Metro officer, and a siege defendant. Federal authorities continue to monitor and charge suspects, lots of whom outright admitted to engaging, or were implicated by acquaintances, loved ones, along with also other tipsters. Meanwhile, certain Republican lawmakers and activists continue pushing for voting limitations, fueled by the ex-POTUS’s lies.
[Image via FBI]
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This Man Allegedly Admitted to Killing 16 People, Said He Murdered’Big Brother’

Sean Lannon

A man formerly connected to five deaths in two states claimed to have killed a total of 16 individuals, according to a prosecutor. The enigmatic situation against Sean M. Lannon, 47, unfolded during a detention hearing at New Jersey on Friday.
“It is my understanding that the FBI is helping New Mexico in their search.”
People 15 people in New Mexico allegedly included the suspect’s wife Jennifer Lannon, 39, who was discovered dead in a vehicle in a Albuquerque airport featuring three slain men. She’d gone missing in the town of Grants together using Jesten Mata, 40, along with Matthew Miller, 21. The fourth victim Randal Apostalon, 60, was an Albuquerque neighborhood. Authorities over there’d said at least two of those victims were discovered in pieces. Gutierrez said on Friday that according to the defendant, the rest 11 victims were drug sellers. Lannon allegedly claimed to have enticed several of those victims into a New Mexico home, and dismembered a number of them.
The defendant has not yet been charged with some other slaying out west. Right now, he’s charged in one alleged murder in New Jersey: the of Michael Dabkowski, 66, that functioned as a”Big Brother,” of both Sean Lannon along with the suspect’s twin brother at 1985. Lannon asserted that the man sexually assaulted him as a kid, said Gutierrez. He supposedly went into the house at Gloucester County, New Jersey in order to retrieve explicit pictures of them together.
Within this second-hand accounts, the guys fought, and Dabkowski handed over the pictures. They fought again. The defendant was allegedly driving the victim’s SUV when arrested in St. Louis, Missouri.
He faces charges involving first-degree murder. Public defender Frank Unger contended that his client’s actions constituted passion provocation manslaughter at worst, which Lannon entered Dabkowski’s home with the man’s permission. He claimed his client just went there to get the photographs, and didn’t want to damage the victim. The killing just occurred following Dabkowski”attempted to seduce” the defendant, then attacked him with hammers, Unger stated.
The prosecution asserted that Lannon had broken into the other home in New Jersey, also attempted to enter another one before the killing. Gutierrez worked to sabotage the assertion that the defendant entered Dabkowsku’s residence with consent.
“The scenario as alleged at New Mexico and as admitted by the defendant was that he employed means to lure those folks to a residence,” Gutierrez explained. “So what I will say is that this notion that he was invited in ought to really be looked at through the lens of at least three previous incidents in New Mexico. Those individuals, self-admittedly, were enticed to the residence and then murdered.”
The judge ordered Lannon held pending trial in New Jersey.
[Mugshot via Salem County Correctional Facility]
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Larry Nassar’s Judge Orders Arrest of Fake’Constitutional Lawyer’ Who’s Attempts to Represent’Customer’ Who’s Violated COVID Restrictions (WATCH)

Rick Martin Talking before Judge Rosemarie E. Aquilina.

A Michigan judge on Friday ordered the arrest of a guy who intended to provide legal representation to a defendant charged with flouting pandemic limitations because the guy wasn’t licensed to practice law in Michigan or any other state.
Ingham County Circuit Judge Rosemarie E. Aquilina, who presided over the high-profile Legislation of disgraced former U.S.A naturopathic physician Larry Nassar in 2018, placed in to Rick Martin while keeping him in contempt of court because of immigrant law clinic.
Martin had filed documents with the court suggesting that he would be looking as”assistance of counsel” for Marlena Pavlos-Hackney despite having no formal legal education whatsoever.
The phrase is a clear reference to the Sixth Amendment. Martin’s team says that is the actual term lawyers should proceed by.
“Note: that the Constitution identifies lawyers as’Support of Counsel’ in Amendment 6,” his site reads.
Pavlos-Hackney, the proprietor of Marlena’s Bistro and Pizzeria in Holland, Mich., was arrested after repeatedly ignoring several cease and desist orders and refusing to comply with state’s dine-in ban. As per a report by local news outlet, Pavlos-Hackney was taken into custody early on Friday morning after she didn’t turn herself over to authorities on a bench warrant issued before in March.
But before Aquilina managed to delve in the restaurant owner’s situation, she had to deal with Martin, the creator of the Texas-based Constitutional Law Group (CLG).
Based on its site, CLG holds itself out as”a set of Constitutional Lawyers who are specialists in Constitutional Law who sensibly and successfully shield The individuals of the United States of America regardless of the ability to pay”
But CLG seems to be little over a quasi-religious organization that uses or has been connected with few, if any other, officially trained or licensed attorneys. The numerous individuals listed under a”Law Advisors” section of the group’s site have specialist names ranging from”insurance agent” into”entertainer,””company man” into”inventor,” and”controversial international entrepreneur” into”radio chat show host”
“The Constitution Doesn’t provide’We the People’ Our rights; Our Creator does,” Martin says online.
On his LinkedIn page, Martin lists his occupation as a”constitutional lawyer” too, however he adds a bit more context in the”About” section of the site.
“I am not a’B.A.R. ATTORNEY’ who first obligation is to the court; I am a Constitutional Lawyer with over 30K hours Law Study and courtroom experience,” Martin’s web page reads.
The abbreviation –“B.A.R.” — would be a direct reference to your conspiracy theory against lawyer regulation laws.
“I am fearless and prudent as it pertains taking care of my clients,” Martin continues. “I go after tainted clerks posing as so called judges, prosecutors and law enforcement office who violate the public trust and’Our’ September 17th, 1787 Constitution for the united states of America.”
Judge Aquilina would have none of it. Based on local socket UPMatters, Martin attempted to claim that he filed paperwork to represent Pavlos-Hackney to give aid under the”Sixth Amendment” of the U.S. Constitution because”she has problems knowing the English language”
“Sir, apparently you’ve got problems with the English speech,” Aquilina responded, noting that Martin had obviously asserted he was”assistance of counsel” in the documents filed with the court.
Martin’s site claims he was”unlawfully detained”

The State Bar of Michigan’s site contains lengthy resources about the unauthorized practice of law.
The applicable law which disrupts the unauthorized practice of law is here. It reads, in part:
Someone shall not practice law or participate in law enforcement firm, will not in any way at all lead others to think that he or she’s authorized to practice law or to …

Trump Says the Supreme Court’Can Go Down in History’ as’Gutless,’ Refuses to Admit He Lost Last November’s Election Fair and Square

Trump did not directly cite or estimate the report, but it appears to be one that begins like this:”Donald Trump is no longer centre stage.”
The report continues by pressing on the thesis that”many conservative activists” consider”that the ideal way to increase money and keep voters engaged is to produce [Trump’s] biggest fabrication” about the 2020 election”their high priority”
That”fabrication,” of course, is that widespread election fraud carried Joe Biden to the White House.
Here’s more from the Times report:
In recent weeks, a lot of the most prominent and well-organized classes that electricity the G.O.P.’s enormous voter turnout attempts have directed their resources toward a effort to limit and how people are able to vote, having a focus on the crisis policies which states enacted a year to make casting a ballot during a pandemic simpler. The groups think it might be their best chance at regaining a purchase on energy in Washington.
[ … ]

Naturally, Trump whined with the insinuation that he lost fair and square to Biden almost five months past. By so doing, he played squarely to the fundraising approach the Times sought to phone out as problematic for those who would like to truly debate broader conservative political ideals and completely alienating for the nation’s changing demographics. (The Times piece widely contested whether attacks voting reforms would only turn voters off from the Republican Party.)
“Regrettably the Election was Rigged, and without even going into detail, where there’s much, totally game changing,” Trump’s statement .
It continued by rubbishing the legal notion that is the trademark of modern government: delegation. State legislatures routinely permit executive level officials to control the intricacies and nuances of government. Election procedures are no different. Legislatures establish big-picture objectives and outline how that they need things done; appointed officials deal with the information. In most nations, election matters are managed with Secretaries of State.
Trump doesn’t like this — and utilized the concept to argue that the election was, in his view, rigged.
“Democrats could not find Republican Legislatures from Swing States to approve many of the voting changes that took place before the Election, that will be mandated under the Constitution of the United States,” he explained. “For this reason , we had an Illegitimate Election.”
Then he directed toward the Supreme Court, which on March 8 jettisoned the last attempts by Trump and his assistants to litigate the 45th president into a second term.
“No wonder so much money has been raised with this matter, and law-abiding people have every right to do so!”
The statement consequently concluded using an explicit call to reestablish grievances surrounding the Nov. 2020 election and to channel any residual anger to political contributions.
Vice President Mike Pence earlier penned his own complaints about the inherent procedure of electing a president. Those complaints included dubious assertions surrounding the way the constitution really functions.
Attorney Jenna Ellis, who once worked for Trump, predictably touted the statement when forcing her Twitter audience toward her latest endeavors.
[Photo from Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images]
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Recording of Former LAPD Homicide Detective Calling Black Driver’A Dumb N***er’ Leads to Review of 370 Cases He Worked

A former Los Angeles Police Department officers that this week triggered an internal review of hundreds of cases he had been involved after he had been caught on film phoning a Black driver that a”dumb n***er” following a minor traffic collision.
In a video that went viral this week, retired LAPD homicide detective John Motto is shown antagonizing and berating a young Black man with repeated uses of the N-word after both drivers pulled their vehicles to both sides of the street following the fender bender.
“Under the legislation, we’re required, after we’re conscious of somebody having racist trends, as in the event of this individual — we have to notify all of the defense lawyers in most of the cases that this individual may have been a witness or participated in the investigation,” L.A. County District Attorney George Gascon said, based on CBS affiliate KCBS-TV.
Gascon also known as the video”horrific,” stating it exemplified”incredibly stereotypical attitudes” on Motto’s part.
The video, which was captured by an onlooker in his lunch break, begins following the heated debate between Motto and another driver had already gotten underway and then at least one among them had already used the N-word.
“Oh, you could declare n****r but I can’t?” Motto says.
“Are you fucking serious right now?” The Black driver states while angrily pacing.
“Go back into your small cage until the fighter control gets ,” Motto says as another driver goes towards the onlookers and asks if they noticed the former officer call him the N-word.
“Y’all heard him just phone me a n****r, correct?” The Black driver states.
“No. He began the n****r thing because he’s the idiotic n****r,” Motto states while pointing his finger in the Black man’s face.
“Yeah, I mentioned it instant. Shortly after you,” Motto carries on, expressing offense after the Black driver employs the term one more time.
The LAPD this week announced it was opening its own investigation to Motto’s work with the section.
“It’s come to the Department’s attention that there’s a video posted on societal media of a retired LAPD detective. The individual in the video uses a racial slur while engaged in a debate,” the department said in a statement. “The individual isn’t a current member of the LAPD and retired at May 2020 because a manager assigned to Operations Central Bureau Homicide. To ensure there’s no current Department nexus to this particular incident, there’s been an internal evaluation began.”
Civil rights lawyer DeWitt Lacey told KCAL-TV that the investigations are certainly going to probe whether Motto ever planted evidence regarding suspects of color.
“They are gonna question whether he ignored evidence from individuals of color, Black folks particularly,” she explained, adding,”They are gonna question the sort of folks he went afterwards.”
[picture via YouTube/KCAL 9 screengrab]
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Trump Says the Supreme Court’May Go Down in History’ Because’Gutless,”’ Refuses to Admit He Revived Last November’s Election Fair and Square

Former President Donald Trump on Saturday blasted the U.S. Supreme Court while airing grievances about a New York Times report accurate characterization of the November 3, 2020 election.
Trump didn’t directly cite or estimate the actual report, however it seems to be one that starts like this:”Donald Trump isn’t any longer centre stage.”
The report continues by pressing the thesis that”many conservative activists” believe”that the ideal method to raise cash and keep voters engaged is to produce [Trump’s] largest production” concerning the 2020 election”their high priority”
That”manufacturing,” naturally, is that election fraud happened Joe Biden into the White House.
Here’s more in the Times report:
In recent weeks, many of the very prominent and well-organized classes that electricity the G.O.P.’s vast voter turnout efforts have directed their funds toward a campaign to limit when and how people can vote, having a concentration on the crisis policies which says enacted annually to make casting a ballot during a pandemic easier. The groups consider it may be their best shot at regaining a purchase on power in Washington.
[ … ]
For now, many conservative groups are choosing to side with the former president, even at the risk of feeding corrosive falsehoods regarding the incidence of voter fraud.

Obviously, Trump whined with the insinuation that he lost fair and square to Biden almost five months back. By so doing, he played squarely into the fundraising plan the Times sought to call out as problematic for those who wish to genuinely debate broader conservative political ideals and entirely alienating for the nation’s changing demographics. (” The Times piece broadly questioned whether strikes voting reforms would simply turn voters off from the Republican Party.)
“Sadly the Election has been Rigged, also without even going to detail, of which there is much, totally game altering,” Trump’s statement awkwardly read.
It continued by rubbishing the legal notion that is the hallmark of contemporary government: delegation. State legislatures regularly permit executive level officials to successfully control the nuances and intricacies of government. Election processes are no different. Legislatures establish big-picture objectives and outline how they want things done; appointed officials cope with the specifics. In most countries, election matters are managed by Secretaries of State.
Trump does not like that — and used the idea to once again argue that the election was, in his view, rigged.
“Democrats could not acquire Republican Legislatures from Swing States to approve many of the voting changes that took place prior to the Election, that will be mandated under the Constitution of the USA,” he explained. “For that reason , we had an Illegitimate Election.”
Then he aimed at the Supreme Court, which on March 8 jettisoned the last attempts by Trump and his own assistants to litigate the 45th president right into another term.
“No wonder why a lot of money is being raised with this matter, and law-abiding individuals have everything to do so!”
The statement consequently concluded using an explicit call to resurrect grievances enclosing the Nov. 2020 election to station any residual anger into political donations.
Vice President Mike Pence earlier written his own complaints concerning the inherent process of electing a president. Those complaints included suspicious assertions surrounding the way the constitution really functions.
Attorney Jenna Ellis, who once worked for Trump, reluctantly touted the statement while forcing her Twitter crowd toward her newest endeavors.
[Photo by Andrew Renneisen/Getty Pictures ]
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‘I Am Trying To School You Folks ‘: Woman Arrested Twice in 1 Week For Refusing to Wear Mask Inside Texas Businesses (WATCH)

Texas law enforcement authorities arrested an Oregon girl twice in the span of six days for refusing to wear a mask interior of businesses that explicitly require customers to overlook face coverings, many local news outlets reported.
Six days before her arrest in the shop, Wright was arrested for pulling a comparable anti-mask stunt inside a Galveston bank.
Office Depot employees called local authorities after the maskless Wright supposedly refused to leave the shop put on a mask as required by shop policy.
Texas City Police body cam footage of the incident published Friday and submitted on line by KRIV-TV indicates the first responding officer input the Office Depot while Wright loudly reads an inconsequential federal non-discrimination civil rights statute that does not use to mask mandates. The officer disturbs her to tell her she must leave or be arrested and detained for trespassing.
“You can’t,” Wright says, revealing the officer her cell phone. “You want read this. These are my federal rights.”

“No, I’m not likely,” Wright responds. “You’re in breach of the legislation,” she informs the officer.
The officer captures Wright.

A clearly misinformed Wright continues to tell the female officer that she is”in such problem” for devoting her under the mistaken belief that anti-discrimination laws — that forbid private enterprises that discriminating against sponsors according to their race, colour, religion, sex, or national origin — somehow manage protections to people who refuse to wear masks. (They do not.)
“I hope everybody’s filming this since this is a significant breach!” Wright shouts out. “You men are in such trouble; oh my gosh!”
“You’re taking my rights away!”
“I’m attempting to school you folks! I’m attempting to school you folks! My rights” She continues to shout while officers shot her out.
Officers then recognized Wright for inducing a previous commotion in a Galveston a financial institution.
Wright said there wasn’t enough room in the rear of a waiting police SUV for her to match inside.
“I’m asking you nicely to put your leg in; if not, I’m going to haul you into,” an officer told her.
Wright was more obstinate throughout the prior week’s incident inside a Galveston Bank of America. That episode ended with a officer tackling her to the floor.
Police body camera footage from in the bank reveals Wright contending with police officers and wrongly claiming that she cannot be made to wear a mask interior of private businesses in Texas.

An incredulous Wright inquires the responding officer — that answers in the affirmative.
“That’s humorous,” she responds — and then wrongly asserts that the privately owned bank is a public area where mask rules cannot be enforced.
“The law says that I don’t have to wear a mask,” she claims.
“I would say you have got some problems — that you’re taking away people’s human rights,” she informs the responding officer — that then catches the handcuffs from the belt.
“Oh, now he’s gonna take me, folks!” She says in taunting manner while backing off from the officer. “He is gonna take me for trying to not breathe!”
As the officer reaches out to grab her arm, then Wright jerks away from himyells”come, on dude,” and quickly retreats.
“Oh, don’t do that,” the officer says, grabbing her wrist.
Wright continues to withstand the officer, screaming at him to get from her and seeking to push him away.
“Back Up! Back up! Some old woman is becoming handcuffed here” She yells to other people attempting to obey their own company nearby.
The officer chooses Wright to the floor in an effort to handcuff her while noting …

Mother Charged Following Her 1-Year-Old Child Ends Up in the Hospital with Both Trainers Broken in Various Places

A New Hampshire woman has turned herself in to police on assault charges after authorities say her 1-year-old kid ended up at the hospital together with both of its arms broken in multiple areas.
According to police records reviewed by Law&Crime, Haylee Elizabeth Bernier, 19, of Rochester, N.H., is charged with the first-degree assault of a person less than thirteen years old. She tendered herself to local authorities at approximately 4:32 p.m. Thursday. The documents also indicate Bernier posted bail and was released pending trial.
Reports by Foster’s Daily Democrat and the Manchester, N.H. Union Leader cite police officials as saying the kid is no longer in Bernier’s custody.
According to those reports and many others in a Maine television channel, the investigation unfolded when officials with Mass General Hospital in neighboring Boston called police and said the 1-year-old has been being treated for questionable injuries. A six-week investigation”determined the injuries to the kid were allegedly caused by Bernier,” the Democrat said.
The Union Leader noted that Bernier faces an impending arraignment in Strafford County Superior Court. said that police declined to release additional information granted the”sensitive nature” of this instance.
Under the relevant New Hampshire Legislation, the mom is accused of”[k]nowingly or recklessly caus[ing] serious bodily harm to an individual under 13 decades of age.” Particularly, the statute does not call for prosecutors to show that the child’s injuries were”intentionally” committed.
“A individual acts recklessly… when [s]that he is aware of and consciously disregards a substantial and unjustifiable risk… exists or will result from his behavior,” the relevant linking statute clarifies. Someone who creates such a risk but is unaware thereof solely by reason for being willingly participated in intoxication or communicating acts recklessly with respect thereto.”
The offense charged is a Class A Felony. Such fees carry a prison sentence of up to twenty five years under New Hampshire law.
[image through the Rochester, N.H. Police Dept.]
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