Pennsylvania Parents Sue School District Over Curriculum Involving Black Lives Matter, Systemic Racism:’These Issues Are Anti-Christian’

A Dark Lives Matter march can be observed in a file picture.
A Pennsylvania couple is suing their children’s school district for offenses stemming from their refusal to allow their children participate in curriculum discussing race, that the parents describe as”anti-Christian” and”anti-white.”
Maureen and Christopher Brophy resisted the East Penn School District on Monday, asserting constitutional and civil rights violations under the Civil Rights Act and also the American Disabilities Act.
The Brophys attempted to opt-out of program that included the book”White Fragility” as required reading for their children, a 16-year-old child identified as C.B. along with a 15-year-old daughter recognized as M.B.
“[The Brophys] suggested that using topics in their children’s classroom such as’systemic racism,”white fragility,”religion,”white liberty,”Black Lives Issue,’ and’police brutality’ weren’t acceptable and would not be disregarded,” the complaint says. “Plaintiff Parents clarified that these themes are anti-Christian and for that reason, discriminate directly contrary to their religion.”
“Christians and Catholics are a lot white religion, self-identifying white Catholics containing 60 percent of the followers,” the complaint continues. “This religion is tied to Italy, whose population is 80% Catholic and house to the Vatican.”
The school district refused the parents’ obligations petition. As stated by the Brophys, that’s when their children started confronting retaliatory discrimination.
According to the complaint, the Brophys’ little children have disabilities which weren’t properly adapted as a result of the parents’ complaints.
However, when the Brophys whined about the”discriminatory program,” the school district, appropriate accommodations for C.B., for example printing his school work out on paper to adapt his vision disability, weren’t made.
Additionally, according to the criticism, 1 teacher refused to do in-house schooling with C.B. since he was not wearing a mask, although he had been clinically exempt from doing so.

“As a result of Defendant’s discriminatory and excruciating therapy, Plaintiffs suffered severe emotional distress and physical ailments,” the complaint said.
The Brophys also stated that their children had not faced discrimination prior to these complaints.
“Ahead of Plaintiff Mother’s complaints regarding the anti-Christian, anti-white program in the school, Plaintiffs C.B. and M.B. didn’t get discriminatory treatment on the grounds of their disabilities,” they stated in the criticism.
Attorneys for your Brophys and to your East Penn School District didn’t immediately respond to Law&Crime’s petition for comment.
“Being effective is something completely different.”
Read the criticism below:

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