‘Pent Up Rage’: Police Say Man Admitted to Attacking Father, Mother, and Sister with Samurai Sword

Gary Campbell

A guy in Sanford, Florida purportedly assaulted his family using a samurai sword.
According to an arrest affidavit, a caller approached 911 for medical help at a home. The guy was obscure; he didn’t give important information to the dispatcher. He’d just say that”if [first responders] get here they will find out.”
The things they found were people experiencing serious sword wounds and a guy — Campbell — pacing close to the front of the home, police said.
Throughout a purported confession, the defendant supposedly explained he lashed out the afternoon because of, as the affidavit set it,”pent up’anger'” over the way his parents raised him. He alleged physical abuse as a child together with”constant questioning and nagging as an adult.” Campbell said he considered killing his dad for an”extended period of time” and finally”snapped,” according to cops.
The defendant also allegedly said he took a katana out of his bedroom and assaulted his dad in the living room. The victim continued significant wounds to the head and blood flow, authorities said. Campbell’s sister discovered the sound and tried to intervene. The defendant allegedly then assaulted their mother in the woman’s bedroom, causing huge injuries to her face and body. The sister tried to intervene, however Campbell is accused of assaulting her, too, and hammering her arms. The defendant allegedly insisted that he was only attempting to”get her out of this way” and that — in the words of this affidavit — harming that the sister was”unintentional.”
Police said that Campbell was one of the people who called 911. His sister was in good enough form to produce a telephone herself. Both of these parents have been said by authorities to be intubated and in critical condition.
Campbell faces two counts of attempted first-degree premeditated murder and one count of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.
Campbell’s attorney, Jared Shapiro, who said that he represents the defendant together using co-counsel Jeffery Dowdy, advised Law&Crime that he couldn’t yet discuss the instance.
[Mugshot through Seminole County Sheriff’s Office]
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