Person Accused of Assaulting Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone’Bear Hugged’ and Also Pretended to Assist Him, Feds Say

Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone Talks to CNN’s Don Lemon Around being Assaulted while Protecting the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Days after Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone broke his silence about being beaten, Tased, and robbed his gear when defending the U.S. Capitol, federal prosecutors released more info about among his accused assailants in order to keep him behind bars pending trial. Authorities tied the accused rioter into a social networking accounts calling himself a”son of Confederate veterans,” along with prosecutors explained how he allegedly delivered Fanone into a violent cop.
Among three guys recently indicted in relation to Fanone’s attack, Tennessee resident Albuquerque Cosper Head, is depicted in a government memo using duplicity to put Fanone in harm’s way. Fanone’s body camera movie recorded Head telling the officer”I am gonna try to help you out here. You hear me?” Then”Hey! I got you!”
Prosecutors clarify Fanone’s accounts of the events into the FBI in court papers veiling the officer’s name via using his own or her initials.
“In an interview with FBI agents on February 24, 2021,” Officer M.F. explained the person who caught on Officer M.F. and wrapped him up into a bear hug when dragging him from the tunnel,” that the 26-page memo states. “Officer M.F. also suggested that the person retained telling Officer M.F. that he’d take care of him once they got outside but at no stage did Officer M.F. believe the person was going to assist him or take care of him. Additional video captured by the FBI reveals that the defendant swiping Officer M.F. through the audience.”
Accused Capitol rioter Albuquerque Cosper Head is said to have assaulted officers.

“Following the defendant pulled Officer M.F. into the audience, other rioters assaulted him, such as Daniel Rodriguez, that tased Officer M.F., Thomas F. Sibick, that loathed Officer M.F. of his MPD trademarks and authorities radio, along with Kyle J. Young, who tried to forcibly remove Officer M.F.’s service weapon against the fixed holster when stating words to the effect he was going to take Officer M.F.’s weapon and kill him” the memo persists.
Fanone opened up about his attack in a psychological interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, in which the officer denounced those who’d”whitewash” that the Jan. 6th assault on the Capitol.
“It’s been really difficult regarding elected officials and other people type of whitewash the events of that evening or downplay what happened,” Fanone told viewers after being asked by Lemon about former President Donald Trump’s try to throw the rioters as”patriots.”
Trump also said that rioters”hugged and kissed” authorities, but Head’s alleged”bear hug” of Fanone is depicted in court papers as anything but caring.
“I think that it’s dangerous,” Fanone said of Trump’s remarks, without mentioning that the former president’s title. “I had a bunch of people that were attempting to kill me accomplish their goal.”
Following the siege, federal government claim to have tied Head into a Twitter accounts, which remains active. It is filled with paeans to the Confederacy along with retweets of all ex-Trump officials like former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and social websites manager Dan Scavino. 1 tweet quoted by prosecutors reproduces that the conspiracy theory of anti-fascist participation in the riots:”He’s seen here with several known antifa members that I had been in DC and”at” the funds and went into all confederate flags I noticed because I am son of Confederate veterans never noticed this man.”
Another misspelled tweet answers to your post by Scavino:”Proud to have been their [sic],” speaking to the U.S. Capitol.

Prosecutors also pointed into Head’s extensive criminal history in support of his continuing detention, with over a dozen arrests on crimes such as marijuana possession, domestic assault, vandalism, theft, and much more.

Prosecutors say that Head was and was not supposed to be in Washington, D.C. about the afternoon of the riot due to a condition restricting his travel to inside Tennessee.
Read the jury’s Court below:
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