Police Shoot Pickup Truck Driver They Say Sped Off after Critically Injuring Seven ‘Vehicles vs. Bicycles Incident’

“Mass Casualty Incident in Show Low near Downtown 9,” paramedics said through Facebook. “Use extreme caution in the region. Multiple air and ground tools on scene”

“The suspect then fled the scene in the automobile,” the SLPD wrote in a press release posted on Facebook. “Officers attempted to stop the suspect which finally led to the suspect being shot.”
Nearly 300 riders signed up for the case; it is now unknown how many were really struck by the truck driver.
At least six victims have been transported to a local hospital with Timber Mesa Fire and Medical District employees. Four of those victims are said to be in critical condition; two are said to be critical but stable. A victim was airlifted away from the scene into a hospital in Phoenix nearly 200 miles apart, according to authorities.
Others were injured from the truck and made it into the exact neighborhood hospital as walk-ins.
The driver is said to be a 35-year-old white guy.
“Our neighborhood is stunned at this event and our hearts and prayers are with the wounded and their families at this moment,” SLPD spokesperson Kristine Sleighter explained in a statement obtained by Phoenix-based Fox affiliate KSAZ.
Authorities first shifted the general public to the episode in a”community awake” posted on Twitter.
“West bound lanes of HWY 60 facing Horne Auto Collision Center are closed due to automobile vs bicyclist episode with numerous accidents,” the SLPD tweeted. “PLEASE prevent the region to permit first responders to execute their jobs. More information to follow as got “
A followup tweet led interested parties into the section’s Facebook page.
The latest update from authorities does not include much additional Information Regarding the suspect or the victims, but it will thank people who helped react to this bedlam:
Thank you to all first responders who supported [sic] during this shocking episode. Also, thank you to all citizens who have generously given their support. Please continue to monitor our FB page for updates. We know everyone is looking for additional information on the current event. Rest assured, we will share information as quickly as accessible. Please retain all the victims in your prayers.

The motorist was finally shot behind an ACE Hardware store in the region.  Authorities haven’t provided any additional details past the suspect being shot there.
No rationale has not yet been created for the vehicular rampage.
That is a developing story.