School Paraprofessional Allegedly Got Mad in Pre-Kindergartners, Then Stuffed Tissue and Jelly into Their Mouths

Cynthia Lee Heiss
A basic school paraprofessional from town of Avon Park, Florida is charged with moving overboard once she got angry at two pre-kindergartners. Cynthia Lee Heiss, 38, supposedly force fed one kid a package of jelly and packaged an tissue in the mouth. The victims were ages 3 and 4, stated that the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office in a Facebook informative article.
The alleged incident happened April 21 at an”Outstanding Student Education” classroom for pre-kindergartners, police said. According to deputies, another employee said Heiss got mad at two children”who would not calm her down to her satisfaction.” The suspect’s alleged remedy was to force feed a package of jelly into among those kids. She held his mouth closed until he swallowed it, deputies said. She is then said to get stuffed a tissue to the second child’s mouth and then held the mouth closed for many seconds. The boys didn’t sustain any bodily injuries, police said.
The episode was reported to school officials that the next day, and the suspect was immediately put on administrative leave, deputies said. Heiss was detained Thursday. Authorities said that the investigation was still ongoing.
Online prison documents show that Heiss faces two points of”cruelty toward child abuse without great harm.” She remains locked up in lieu of a $10,000 bond. It is uncertain if she’s a lawyer in the matter.
Park Elementary didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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