Sgt. Sean’Sticks’ Larkin’s New Law&Crime Podcast’Coptales’ Features Police Officer Discussing the Time He Was Nearly Killed in the Line of Duty

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Sgt. Sean”Sticks” Larkin of the Tulsa Police Department’s Crime Gun Unit and ICU Nurse Howard Doss sits down with Officer Quincy Smith within a glass of Crown Apple whiskey in the brand new podcast”Coptales,” introduced by Whiskey Raiders. It is the most recent podcast from Law&Crime. In it, Sticks will speak to law enforcement officers and hear their tales with a cocktail in hand.
In the first episode, Officer Smith recounts a harrowing near-fatal shooting incident, the injuries he sustained, and he lived. Smith was captured after trying to talk to a defendant who wound up pulling a gun on him. The bullets struck his face and arm. Smith takes the audience through the body camera footage and what he had been thinking in the present time.

Smith also discusses his path in policing for example his time working on a college campus. Smith tells Larkin and Doss about the time he reported on the scene to students who have been “Coke.”

In the event, Smith also speaks about what got him into the project, his narrative, and he keeps doing it. Listen to this interview today above.
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