The Dan Abrams Podcast: CNN’s Don Lemon Talks Race, His Journalistic Role, and He Is’Very Pro-Police’

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Dan Abrams sat down with CNN host Don Lemon on the latest installment of The Dan Abrams Podcast. The two discussed Lemon’s new book”This Is the Fire: Everything I Say to My Friends Concerning Racism” and race in America in the wake of several highly publicized police shootings.
The two friends spoke about the way to lead the conversation about race and police, the way to take steps toward bridging the divide between police and Black communities, and the way to raise police transparency. Lemon also spoke about why he is”quite pro-police.”

In the event, both also researched how U.S. politics has significantly changed as Donald Trump’s ascent into the Oval Office and discussed where the center is. Abrams broke apart the notion that Lemon is a left-wing partisan, while Lemon contested Abrams on his moderate credentials. Listen to the entire conversation over.
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