The Supreme Court of America Only Had a New Marshal

Buried in Supreme Court requests Monday was a new appointment by the court of its eleventh-ever Marshal. Col. Gail A. Curley has been the large court’s pick for the role of chief security officer and much more, according to national law.
672 lays out the project description in some detail:
(a) The Supreme Court may appoint a marshal, who shall be subject to removal by the Court, and may fix his compensation.
(b) The marshal can, with the consent of the Chief Justice of the USA, appoint and fix the compensation of necessary assistants and other personnel to attend the Court, and necessary custodial workers.
(c) The marshal shall:
(1) Attend the Court at its sessions;
(2) Serve and execute all orders and process issued by the Court or a member thereof;
(3) accountable for all property of the United States used by the Court or its members;
(4) Disburse funds appropriated for work on the Supreme Court building and grounds under the authority of the Architect of the Capitol upon certified vouchers filed by the Architect;
(5) Disburse funds appropriated for the purchase of books, pamphlets, periodicals and other publications, and for their fix, binding, and rebinding, upon vouchers certified by the librarian of this Court;
(6) pay the wages of the Chief Justice, associate justices, and all employees and officials of this Court and disburse other funding appropriated for disbursement, under the direction of the Chief Justice;
(7) pay the costs of printing briefs and travel expenses of attorneys in behalf of individuals whose motions to arise in forma pauperis from the Supreme Court are accepted and if counsel have been appointed by the Supreme Court, upon vouchers certified by the clerk of this Court;
(8) Oversee the Supreme Court Police.
“It was ordered that Gail A. Curley be appointed Marshal of this Court, effective June 21, 2021,” the court stated in its Monday orders list.
The Supreme Court’s Public Information Office went into a lot more detail about Col. Curley’s history, noting that she will eventually become the eleventh Marshal of the Supreme Court and also the second woman to serve in this job.
Curley”succeeds Pamela Talkin, who retired July 31, 2020 after 19 years since Marshal,”an announcement said.

This is an ongoing story.
[Picture via U.S. Army]
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