This Smiling Woman Allegedly Sat’Chilling’ on Yard, Watching House Proceed in Flames While Someone Was Still Interior (VIDEO)

A woman in Cecil County, Maryland is charged with setting her home on fire while somebody else was inside and, as seen on television, the defendant simply sat on a lawn chair while watching the flames destroy the residence. Gail J. Metwally, 47, was charged Thursday, according to the Office of the Maryland State Fire Marshal.
In footage online, a girl wearing a white tanktop can be seen arguing with a man in the porch of the home in question while she had been carrying some type of stick or pole. It got physical.
“Oh, shit,” explained the narrator recording the episode from across the street. “He said he goin’ beat the shit from her. Oh my god.”
Then the man threw water in the girl.
The movie then cut into the very first girl arguing with another wearing a pink blouse.
Footage cut to the narrator describing the start of the fire.
“Dude, she’s going to burn the fucking house down, dude,” he told a man he had been with.
The situation escalated with the spread of flames. As seen on the movie, the girl in the white tanktop donned a hat and was sitting on a lawn chair using what seemed like a book on her lap.
“I can’t really think my eyes” the narrator said. “I can’t really believe it. And she’s sitting , simply chilling, watching the home go up in flames.”
The fire continued to spread. Finally, the girl in the pink shirt climbed from the burning residence through a window. The narrator and the man he was ran across the street to assist, together with the latter leading the way.
A picture in the Maryland State Fire Marshal revealed the lawn chair and also the burning home, but no defendant in the scene. They stated that Metwally had walked away. Cecil County deputies detained her after seeing her at the area, they stated.
Authorities stated Metwally dwelt in the home with three other individuals. One of these was inside when she began the flames, they stated.

Metwally’s attorney of record did not immediately respond to some Law&Crime petition for comment.
[Screengrab via Whippin from Da Kitchin; mugshot via Maryland State Fire Marshal]
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