Three Cops from Two Law Enforcement Agencies Accused of Firing Guns Throughout Booze-Fueled Night; Two Have Ever Ever Heard

Three off-duty associates of two North Carolina law enforcement agencies stand accused of shooting their weapons inside the city confines of a small town through an alcohol-infused night in early April.

All three supposedly overburdened police officers at first refused to answer questions from the police officers, according to Pittsboro authorities.
Pittsboro Police said in a news release that they”quickly found evidence on scene to indicate that at least one of the topics was responsible to the shots shot.”
“All three subjects had been drinking alcohol and denied to answer questions,” the release went on to note. “Multiple personally owned firearms were found on spectacle, further complicating the analysis.”
The officers were seemingly found standing in a parking lot.
Chatham County Sheriff Mike Roberson quickly suspended his two deputies passing an internal evaluation. The pair was fired days later for”dishonesty and several policy violations.”
“As law enforcement, we have to be good stewards of public confidence,” Roberson said in his news release. “Our internal investigation was handled quickly and professionally, and we believe the last decision was the best one. Dishonesty or criminal behaviour will not be tolerated within the positions of the Sheriff’s Office. Thankfully, no one was injured during this incident and no property was damaged because of the discharge. Our office is cooperating fully with the investigation and we have confirmed that no attack occurred.”
“We may never have all of the answers, but we can take this as an opportunity to pause and reflect on what we can do differently going forward,” the sheriff’s statement continued. “These young guys had seemingly glowing long careers ahead of them but it could be a struggle to fulfill the high demands and expectations connected with this job. As law enforcement, we are educated that alcohol and firearms don’t mix. But, we have to do more as a livelihood to help officers deal with negative ideas or feelings in positive, constructive ways.”
Roberson fulfilled together with all the Chatham County District Attorney’s Office in late April about pursuing criminal charges against the ex-cops. Pittsboro Police have said that multiple criminal charges are currently in the works.
“We’ve been conducting interviews, putting surveillance footage, and collecting as many particulars as possible,” Pittsboro Police Chief Shorty Johnson said in a statement. “I contacted the District Attorney on April 19th seeing possible criminal charges. We’re treating this case just like any other investigation. Just because someone carries a badge doesn’t mean they’re above the law”
The Siler Police Department has kept publicly mum about the episode but is reportedly conducting an internal evaluation.
None of the officers allegedly involved with the drink-fueled shooting spree have to be identified openly.
[image through Chatham County Sheriff’s Office]
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