Three Officers on Leave After Video Showed Colorado Police Laughing About Arrest of 73-Year-Old Woman with Dementia

Three more Colorado police officers included with the arrest of 73-year-old Karen Garner have been put on administrative leave, the Loveland city director’s office confirmed to CNN Wednesday evening.
Officers with the Loveland Police Department at June 2020 detained Garner, who states she lives with dementia, from the parking lot of a Walmart, leaving her with a number of injuries, including a broken humerus, sprained wrist, along with a dislocated shoulder after she forgot to pay for $13.88 value of things.
Body camera footage of the encounter appeared to show that the arresting officer, Austin Hopp, catching Garner from underneath and pulling her arms behind her back so as to handcuff her in the grass and dirt while Garner cried,”Don’t do this.” Garner, heard telling the officer that he did not”get to behave that way,” Hopp apparently yanked a cell phone out of her hands and threw it at the bud and later caught her arm, twisting it behind her back as he bent her over the hood of his automobile.
Hopp was put on administrative leave before this month later Garner filed a federal civil rights lawsuit accusing him of being responsible for Garner’s injuries during the arrest. The department claimed not to have been not aware of the event until Garner filed the lawsuit.
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According to the lawsuit, Garner had forgotten to pay for the things because she resides with esophageal disorder, that is characterized by the impairment of at least two brain acts. She also says she has sensory aphasia, which the lawsuit referred to as a”inability to comprehend spoken, written or tactile language symbols which results from damage to the area of the brain involved with language.”
Added surveillance footage released this week intensified public backlash and introduced additional disciplinary activity: The newly released video showed three Loveland Police Department officials later identified as Hopp, Jalali, along with Community Service Officer Tyler Blackett–laughing as they saw the body camera footage of Garner’s arrest. A couple of the officers gave each other a fist bulge during a discussion about hearing Garner’s shoulder”pop” during the arrest and voiced concern that she was”senile.”
All three officers had been put on administrative leave together with Sergeant Philip Metzler, who was Hopp and Jalali’s supervising officer when Garner was detained.
“We’re pursuing each choice to swiftly address issues raised via the lawsuit along with the corresponding movie footage,” Loveland City Manager Steve Adams told CNN. “These issues and future activities include mandatory training on interacting with mentally ill citizens and mandatory training on recognizing Alzheimer’s and dementia in younger citizens.”
The section’s spokesperson Tom Hacker told NBC affiliate KUSA which Blackett was at the reservation location Garner was hauled to following the arrest and engaged in her transfer to Larimer County Jail.
“it is a critical thing for everyone to know that this is currently a criminal investigation,” Hacker said. “It is one which LPD requested for, along with the DA is carrying it upon Fort Collins Police, both operating on this [investigation] and we all expect that this investigation extends as expeditiously as possible and that we learn of the results very soon.”
[Picture via YouTube screengrab]
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