‘Unsettling’: N.C. Woman Allegedly Stabbed Her 5-Year-Old Lady to Death, Entered Neighbor’s Home and Slept in Bed

Penny Short Hartle

A woman in Henderson County, North Carolina allegedly stabbed with her 5-year-old daughter to death. Penny Short Hartle, 50, was detained April 25, said that the local sheriff’s office. The child was known as Caroline Rose Cagle at a WLOS report.
Deputies said they got a report that Sunday morning regarding a stabbing. They came to get the 5-year-old in the home. She’d died from her injuries, authorities said.
“It’s quite disgusting,” neighbor Jan Harvey advised the socket. “We’re casual friends. I would take them things for their little woman: popcorn, matters like this. I will be praying for the family.”
Still another neighbor Joe Coch reported a woman next door called him, and said”a woman came in to her home and was sleeping in her bed.”
That”woman” has been Hartle, according to this story. She moved into a neighbor’s home about 1,000 yards from the murder scene, and grown into a bed.
Coch said he attempted to wake her up.
“She wouldn’t wake up,” he said. “A few minutes later she arrived and got into a truck and sat down in it, and it seemed like she was shredding paper. Her palms were sort of shaking and that she acted like she did not know who she was.”
Neighbor Alan Wilson, who said he was the former brother-in-law of Caroline’s dad, said that the man was a”wonderful father” to her.
“He worked hard, went to work every day and if he arrived home, all of his period was ,” Wilson said.

“She was a doll,” said Wilson. “She was Wayne’s princess.”
Hartle is billed using second-degree murder, and held with no bond, said that the sheriff’s office. The suspect is represented by the regional public defender office, and waived her first court appearance.
[Mugshot via Henderson County Sheriff’s Office]
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