Washington Woman Who Allegedly Murdered Husband and Then Mutilated His Stomach Thought She Was’God’s Wife’: Prosecutors

A woman who allegedly shot and killed her husband severely mutilating his waist apparently suffered from religious delusions in the days and minutes leading up to the grisly slaying.
Nicholas Andrew Bunten, 31, died earlier this month from several gunshot wounds according to the Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Office from the Tacoma, Washington metro area.
Authorities believe the husband had been murdered during the first week of June. His parents finally called and requested a welfare check in the Puyallup Police Department.
“The wife would not respond to officers if they came,” Puyallup Police Captain Dan Pashon said in a media release issued June 8. “Relatives on scene said that the wife claimed her husband had been asleep, but since their investigation lasted officers became anxious about the welfare of their husband and believed that the woman was armed with various firearms. All household members and the youngsters were taken out of the residence and also a Tactical Response Team made of up of multiple bureaus from Eastern Pierce County responded along with various negotiators.”
Janae Bunten, 34, subsequently supposedly began turning the lights at the home off and on, according to The News Tribune. Bunten was supposedly spotted toting a rifle and stepped from their house with the gun in hand, court documents mentioned by the neighborhood socket case.
“Moments later, several shots had been fired, and the defendant was reported to be down to the ground,” the charging documents state.
“Officers were able to make contact with the feminine in the yard,” the initial police report alleges. “Following a short conversation she fired multiple shots involving officers who returned fire. The suspect had been struck and officials were able to take her into custody.”
Nicholas Bunten’s parents allegedly grew worried enough to call police when they attempted to check on their son . The parents told investigators they talked to his wife but she said her husband had been gone — though his car was parked in the home.
“They reported that the defendant was delusional lately, also was asserting that she had been God’s wife, and that the world was coming to a conclusion,” prosecutors allege in those charging records.
Two of the Bunten children also talked with police.
Some of them claimed that their father was sleeping and that their mom was hoping to”cleanse him” according to the court records mentioned by the Tribune. Still another said that they and their sisters hadn’t been allowed to watch their father since, the mom explained, he had been doing a”spiritual head thing” and could not be disturbed.
A neighbor who talked with deputies place matters in decidedly less occult-like terms.  The neighbor claimed to have discovered a loud argument coming in the Bunten family the night before the body had been discovered — a debate that ended with what seemed like two gunshots.
What happened after that argument ended is decidedly macabre.
Nicholas Bunten’s dead body was found in a bathroom alongside 2 shell casings — a bullet underneath him. An autopsy determined that the gunshots murdered him. But his gut was cut open after the fact and portions of one of the internal organs had been removed.
On Friday, Janae Bunten was billed using second-degree murder.
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