Watch Live: Michael Dixon on Trial at Dismemberment Murder of James Whitaker

Michael Dixon, 41, stands trial at Hocking County, Ohio, for the alleged murder of James T. Whitaker, 56.

It is possible to watch in the player above.
The jury was chosen late Monday with opening statements expected Tuesday afternoon, 9 a.m. ET.
Authorities stated the defendant used a gun in the action, as stated by the Logan Daily News. He allegedly fractured the skull onto the dead body,”broke and/or cut” the bones, burned the stays, cleaned up the crime scene, even somehow disposed of a wellness TV which has been signs, composed a fake suicide note in the voice of their sufferer, and committed signs tampering in connection with two firearms. Dixon also faced a charge of sexual battery in relation to alleged abuse of the adult daughter and co-defendant Melody Sue Dixon.
The daughter, who was 18 at the time of Whitaker’s departure, is charged with participating in the cover-up.
Authorities said the victim was reported missing by his daughters last July. They said they had not heard from him as the 3rd of the month. The investigation turned up Dixon as an individual of interest. He allegedly confessed to the murder and cover-up during the police interview. Detectives said they found human remains while executing a search warrant on Whitaker’s land on the 28th.

Hocking County prosecutor Ryan R. Black requested this year that a special prosecutor with the nation’s attorney general’s office consider the instance.
“I simply felt, given the circumstances of a continuing instance of such sophistication, which justice would best be served when the case was to be handled solely by the specialists in the attorney general’s office,” he also wrote.
The case against Melody Sue Dixon is ongoing.
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