‘Yeah, I’m Great, Bro’:’ Cops Crash Cruisers While Drag Racing One Another in Washington, D.C. Neighborhood (WATCH)

At about 5:15 p.m., in the 1400 block of Anacostia Avenue NE, officials haul raced down another down the street and shattered their squad cars. They also took out a neighbor’s fence from the process.
Local Fox affiliate WTTG-TV obtained an internal police email which explained some of what happened (ellipses in original):
Both 6D scout cars were totaled because officials decided rather than battling crime, patrolling their beats, or engaging the area – they decided to drag race every other on Anacostia Avenue at 5 pm in the night. This is the same place where over the previous week, I have had a homicide and two people shot as a result of neighborhood battle. What does this say to each of the members of the MPD who are passionate in their job and work hard daily to produce a huge difference. This is not fair to all of us… but then as I am talking to Chief Contee about this episode he tells me that a taxpayer watched a white van carrying officials to the scene of the shooting on 37th Position last night traveling at least 90 miles for the scene.
What good are officers for their fellow officials if they do not arrive safely or else they complete vehicles that we need to perform our job…
I am holding each of you responsible for having comprehensive discussion about driving and speeding reckless in Department owned vehicles. These aren’t our cars and we’re all liable for driving them with neglect but most importantly, we’re all impacted by the actions of one another. Make sure you are engaging with the officers regarding their pace and the liability of this job.
The message had been reportedly sent by 6th District Commander Durriyyah Habeebullah.
WTTG reported that the four officers were also involved. Neighbors delivered the channel video of the aftermath.
A screengrab from WTTG-TV shows the aftermath of the crash.
The police department released an”unlisted” video on YouTube which shows the crash. Although the video was published April 30, it wasn’t broadly disseminated until Tuesday.
Several graphics which proceed the video explain it what happened as a”reckless driving event” which resulted in”major damage” but merely”minor injuries.” They state an attorney general’s review of the situation will be followed by another internal events inspection. 1 probationary police department worker has already been terminated. The remaining officers involved are believed to maintain a”non-contact status” with the public.
“Teachers found to have engaged in misconduct will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination,” the graphics continue.
An officer in the driver’s seat flips through a mobile phone, then shows something about the phone’s screen to the officer in the passenger seat.
The video is hushed; the contents of the phone’s screen and graphics in the squad car’s rear-facing mirrors were fuzzy before release.
The driver shows the telephone yet again to the passenger; the passenger then appears to take out their own phone.
At 2:53 into the video, the car begins to move forward. It accelerates fast since the driver appears to grab the mic to a police army.
In 3:16, the car T-bones another group car.

Airbags deploy. The windshield is ruined. The audio comes on.

“Uh — phone 911,” a female officer says.
The officer sporting the camera exits the car and spins around several times to survey the damage when walking across the street.

“Ooh! Oh, shit!” Says a man officer. “Yeah, I am good. Ooh! Yeah, I am good, bro! I am good! Check up, bro! Assess up! Oh! Oh!”

The video ends.
An NPR report said the cars attained 60 miles per hour.
NPR also noted the apparent reason for the dearth of sound through most of the recording. Washington, D.C. police body are, in essence, constantly shooting video in an internal memory bank. But, they don’t start capturing audio till they are triggered. In the point of stimulation, the camera permanently saves the previous two minutes of video — although not the audio — that happened before activation.
[images via Washington, D.C. Metro Police Department body screen captures]
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